Viruses, Scams, and Spams, Oh My!

Viruses & Hoaxes

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  • Hoaxbusters One of our members reported that he received email from and a different e-mail from The e-mails said something to the effect of: ------- Dear user, the management of mailing system wants to let you know that, Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information. Please, read the attach for further details. Sincerely, The team ------- - and - ------- Dear user of, Some of our clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content) outgoing from your e-mail account. Probably, you have been infected by a proxy-relay trojan server. In order to keep your computer safe, follow the instructions. For details see the attached file. The Management, The team ------- If you should receive a similar message, be aware that this message is NOT from RollaNet, and you should not click on the link or save and run any attachments. The email headers indicate that the message did not originate from a RollaNet user. Always be cautious when clicking on any links in email messages or saving and running attachments, even those supposedly from someone you know. Any e-mail we send to our users will usually also be posted off our home page. And, we will never send any attachments. If you are in doubt about any message sent from RollaNet, you can call our Pine/Online office during business hours (364-0852, M-F 10am-5:30pm) to verify that it is authentic, or email

    Scams and Fraud

  • Local Check Scam (Rolla Daily News article)
  • ScamBusters
  • Protecting Missouri Consumers (Missouri Attorney General's Office)
  • Great tips on avoiding scams and fraud - these tips specifically reference Craigslist, but also apply anywhere ===== If the seller wants to ship you the item, it may be a scam. Some of the smartest people in the world get scammed every day. Please be careful, don't click on any links where you don't know the author and remember, "If it seems too good to be true: it is." ===== Our site, as well as many many others, are used by scam artists to try to 1) sell items, but not deliver them or deliver a different item than what was advertised, or 2) buy items using fake cashier checks, etc. Please be very careful when doing business with someone you don't know. As soon as scams are reported to us, we do everything possible to block further access to our Classifieds by the scammers. However, for people coming in from dial-up accounts, for example, there is nothing we can do. Any restitution you seek is your responsibility and must be done through legal channels. We can provide the date/time and ip address used at the time a person registers with us if we receive a subpoena for that information. We would need to know the username, email address, or ad # to be able to retrieve that information. E-mails similar to the following have been sent to several people placing Classified Ads with us. These are scams. You can also report these on the Missouri Attorney General's Office Protecting Missouri Consumers site. We do not need to be informed that you have chosen this course of action. Example scam/fraud emails: ------- Ok fine since the cost of your dress is $50. My client will be issuing out to you a total payment of $7250. As soon as you receive the payment of $7250 and have gotten it cashed, you will have to deduct the cost of your dress which is $50 and send $7000 through western union to an international shipping company that will come to your location for the pick up of the dress. My client said you should keep the remaining $200 for yourself i.e $50 for the cost of the dress and $200 for yourself making a total of $250 for you. So you will be expecting payment of $7250. And i hope my client and i can count on you for the $7000 which will be sent through western union to an international shipping company that will come to your location for the pick up of the dress as soon as you have gotten the payment cashed. I will like you to send Your full name, Full contact address and Telephone number where the payment will be send to. Hope to hear from you soon. ------- - and - ------- I am highly intrested in your (GOODS) .and I want you to give me the bottom price its very ok to me. I want you to send me your full name,phone number and address because i Will like to pay you with a US check and dont worry about the shipment. i have a shipping agent who will come to your place for the pick up . waiting for your mail. -------


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