RollaNet Announcement

To: All Members
Date: January 3, 2005
Subject: RollaNet Spam/Junk Mail Filter

Not all RollaNet members are aware that RollaNet has a Spam filtering
option on our server for incoming e-mail.  It is important to note that our
spam filtering tool is OPT-IN only; that is, you must choose to turn it on
for your account. The default setting is that spam filtering is NOT

To opt-in to spam filtering, just click on "Utilities" in the QuickLinks
section located at the top of each RollaNet web page. On the Utilities
page, click on "User Information Editing" and then click on "Spam Blocking
Preferences/Settings" and follow the directions on that page. You will be
asked to enter your RollaNet userid and password to access this feature.

RollaNet uses the Spam Assassin product for its basic filtering. No spam
filtering product is perfect, so to enhance your results we have added
several tools that allow you to customize your spam filtering settings.
After turning on the Spam Assassin product, which provides general rules
for spam filtering, review the results for a few days; then, when you have
determined how effectively your mail has been filtered, you can enhance the
filtering by creating your own "white list" of acceptable senders or your
own "black list" of senders whose email you wish to reject. Just a little
time spent tweaking these settings results in most of your junk mail being
properly filtered. (Please note: email lists or electronic newsletters you
subscribe to may need to be "whitelisted" to ensure they are not identified
as spam. You only need to add them to your whitelist one time to ensure
they are not marked as spam.)

Our spam/junk mail filter works in a couple of ways:

-- You can choose to leave mail identified as spam on our "spam server" and
review it with our webPop utility. You can then delete it or leave it and
it will be automatically deleted after 14 days. You will be notified once
each 24-hr period if mail you receive is sent to the spam server.

-- You can download the spam/junkmail to your own computer for review. The
spam filter marks messages identified as spam so that you can filter them
to a separate folder for review using your own email client.

To support the spam/junkmail filters, we have added functionality to our
web-based email utility (WebPop) to enable you to review mail identified as
spam. Just click on the WebPop link at the top of every RollaNet web page
to access the enhanced WebPop program. You will notice a selection in the
left-hand menu under the "Inbox" called "Junk Mail". Just click on this
selection to access any email that was identified as spam by the
spam/junkmail filter.