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View-Master® Trivia
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To promote their new car line in 1966, Chevrolet produced a featurette motion picture based on the popular James Bond movie series.  An actor has daydreams he is James Bond and imagines himself driving several new 1966 Chevy cars.   During one sequence, "Bond" picks picks up a woman on the road while driving a Chevrolet Nova SS II convertible.  He opens the glove compartment and a hand emerges holding what looks like a special Blue/Grey Model "F" Focusing View-Master® viewer.  "Bond" hands the viewer to the woman who holds it up and starts to advance the images, which appear on the screen as the accessories of the new car.  Suddenly, enemy agents appear in a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette.  "Bond" casually narrates that the viewer is made of plastic explosives.  The woman tosses the viewer from the car and it explodes, narrowly missing the Corvette.
In 1999, Universal Music and Video Distribution manufactured and distributed a music CD featuring unauthorized View-Master® artwork.  The CD featured a View-Master® stereo reel on the cover stylized to look like a CD.   On the back was an image of an adapted View-Master® viewer.  The CD, titled "Headliners II", was given away as an incentive to bring people into Best Buy stores the day after Thanksgiving.


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