View-Master® Matchbox Collectibles

This is a promotional item issued in 1996 by the Matchbox USA club.
It is a project of Charles Mack (design, ideas, photographs etc.), Nigel Cooper and J. Nijhuis.
There are two models.

A deluxe limited edition version features a Red Van with the modern View-Master® Logo on the side. It comes in an exclusive wooden box. Only 150 Red sets were available.
The White Van comes in a Blister packaging. 500 models were made.

Both packages have the same View-Master
® reel in it. The View-Master® reel contains excellent pictures of the rarest Lesney models ever. Produced by Charles Mack, the originator and President of Matchbox USA.

The prices when introduced were $20 for a white set and $85 for a red set. The single reel sold for $10.

Image of 1996 Collectible View-Master® Matchbox Red & White Van and Reel

View-Master® also issued a Matchbox game in the 1970s which did not sell very well. As a result the game is a highly sought after collectible for both View-Master® and Matchbox collectors. The "LeMans" game was issued by GAF. It included a set of dice, a play mat, four Matchbox cars and three View-Master® Matchbox reels.