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View-Master Custom Production Information Kits Now Available on CD!

An information packet is available if you are interested in using View-Master® reels and viewers  to creatively market products and services.
Your custom production starter kit includes the contacts you need to get your custom or commercial production started, technical information needed to make 3-D photographs, plus you get sample reels and easy-to-fill out custom production forms.  
There is even an option to rent a Realist 3-D camera if you don't have a 3-D camera.

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Click on the thumbnail image to see a full size anaglyphic version of each photo.
Red/Blue 3-D glasses are required to see the photos in 3-D. Note: Some of the photos are inverted anaglyphic.

marquee lights

Mandy in 3-D looking at pictures of herself in 3-D. Breaking Through the Stereo Window  Lacey and Joanne Bungee at Missouri State Fair
Adrina and Jamie Van and Molly. Joanne and Lacey Lacey's Portrait.
Original 3-D photos © Van Beydler



© 2003 Van Beydler

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