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Four Rare View-Master® Collectables Reels Feature Rarely Seen VM Products

The Rare View-Master® Collectables is a series of four reels produced by 3dworldshop.com featuring the amazing world of View-Master® collecting. 3-D photos of rare View-Master® displays, viewers, advertising signs, thermometers and more are featured on the four reels. "I had never seen some of the displays items featured on reel 1," said Van Beydler, Editor of 3-D Review Online Magazine. "These reels feature a awesome images of rarely seen official View-Master® collectible items and copies. Ronald Schalekamp is to be commended for making these available to the stereo collecting world."

Reel one cover art featuring an ultra-rare View-Master lighted display.

Reel 1 - Displays and Other Rarities

  1. Two rare lighted shop displays used for View-Master® promotion.
  2. This rotating ship display holds five Model G viewers.
  3. This lighted display is extremely hard to find. This one was originally used in a shop in Holland.
  4. Two wooden tabletop displays from Belgium and a large carton reel for promotion.
  5. A View-Master® thermometer and a large lighted hanging sign.
  6. The View-Master® promotional globe is one of the most sough after collectibles.
  7. Tyco time. A commemorative tin plate, a nice plastic display and a visitors badge for the factory.

Reel 2 cover art showing a View-Master model A viewer.

Reel 2 - Model A & B + Copies

  1. The large lens model A viewers were the first ever produced. Production started in 1938.
  2. The first model A viewers (left) had one raised ring and "PAT.APPLD.FOR". They are seldomly found.
  3. The somewhat later model A viewer (right) had two rings and two rivets.
  4. Collector Ronald Schalekamp showing the rare large lens, "PAT>APPLD.FOR" viewer.
  5. An all-lbue, a blue-black, a brown and a British model B viewer.
  6. A Russian model B clone with reel and booklet. Made in the early 1950's.
  7. THe Hungarian model B copy was available with a small series of reels.

Reel 3 cover art of Collector Ronald Schalekamp with a lighted viewer.

Reel 3 - Model C + Copies

  1. Collector Ronald Schalekamp showing a lighted model C and 2 rare Swiss Ivolene music boxes.
  2. The Ivolene music box plays a melody when the image of the model viewer is advanced.
  3. A rare View-Lite and a regular light attachment. Also a display-stand for the model C viewer.
  4. The Spanish ARPA-viewer was made in the 1950's. It resembles a VM Model C, but it's bolted together.
  5. The View-Lite Illuminator preceded the Sawyer's light attachment. The Arpa viewer and pretty box.
  6. The bakelite Photo-Scope viewer was made in Sydney, Australia in 1947.
  7. Tele-Visex was another copycat producer. A bakelite and bolted viewer, made by Alto-Relevo in Brazil.

Reel 4 cover art with a Stereo-Rama viewer and box.

Reel 4 - Stereo-Rama and other Italian Makes

  1. The Stereomax viewer was manufactured in france by Offrimex for I.F.A.S./Sterio-Rama.
  2. The "Special" is the mid-level viewer made by I.F.A.S. (Stereo-Rama); with focusing lenses.
  3. The "De-Luxe" is the top-level viewer by I.F.A.S., with focusing lenses and a higher magnification ratio.
  4. The "Italian" View-Master® Model C was likely made by Italstereo, the Italian distributor of VM products.
  5. The Stereoshow projector, mady by I.F.A.S., is the only known Italian stereo projector for VM reels.
  6. Stereo-Cine (S.I.S.E.) and Vis-Ster (Generalstereo) were the first VM-format viewers made in Italy.
  7. Italstereo made its own carton library box, we well as Stereo-Rama, probably by Offrimex in France.

The Rare View-Master® Collectables reels are available from Must See 3-D™ Award certificate.www.3dworldshop.com located in Holland and they ship worldwide. Ronald Schalekamp also has a large variety of other 3-D books, glasses, and vintage products, including custom reels, available for sale on the website. They also buy complete collections of stereo and 3-D items. This can be stereoviews, stereo viewers, stereo photography, View-Master®, 3-D projectors, 3-D camera's or anything else 3-D/stereo.

The Rare View-Master® Collectables reels receive a "Must See 3-D™" Editor's Choice Award.

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Vintage View-Master® Photo Store and Dealer Displays

This photo of a View-Master® display at a dealer show in Scotland is from the UK Photo Trade World June 1955 issue. A tabletop display for the Queen Elizabeth II wedding reels sits atop of a viewing display with a photo of a Model C viewer on the front.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.

North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau's View-Master® Marketing Program Wins Nebraska Tourism Award

North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau View-Master set.

The Outstanding Marketing Campaign Award for communities with populations 10,000 or greater was awarded to the North Platte/Lincoln County Visitors Bureau for the Group Tour View-Master® Campaign.

The North Platte / Lincoln County Visitors Bureau sent group tour operators a mailing that coincided with their current marketing campaign featuring the new Buffalo Bill. The mailing was stamped with Buffalo Bill’s “Buffalo of Approval” and inside the box contained a vintage North Platte postcard and a View-Master®, complete with a reel of images on film featuring North Platte attractions.

The campaign was intended to show operators in a unique way what North Platte and Lincoln County have to offer. Positive responses were received from the mailing and with the booking of a group tour, this single marketing campaign has already returned more than $7 for every dollar spent.

Marketing to 2018 group tour operators is a long-term proposition and the economic impact of this campaign will continue far into the future as relationships continue to build.

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Auction Results

Sealed Ultraman Tomy Japan View-Master® Blister Card

A rare sealed View-Master® Tomy Japan Ultraman packet sold for $326 with 38 bids. The mint condition sealed packet came from the Sheldon Aronowitz collection.

Cover art.

Back of packet.

Ultraman VM monster.

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