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Nick Saglimeni Named 1st Winner of 3DVisionLive 3-D Photo Contest

Nick Saglimbeni’s Warehouse Wonderland stands out for its technical merits, composition and flat-out eye-catching beauty and has made him the first winner of’s monthly photo contest.

Nick’s other remarkable contributions to the site and his commitment to sharing more of his content with the 3DVision Live community have earned him NVIDIA’s first 3DVisionLive Photo Champion award.

Warehouse Wonderland was his first submission to, an online community where 3-D enthusiasts enjoy, talk about and share 3-D content. Nick's photo of Kim Kardashian’s Wild West was the site’s first celebrity 3-D image and made Nick a two-time winner of the monthly contest.

Nick’s work will be featured regularly on starting with a gallery of new images in 3-D (and 2-D). Nick is also sponsoring a weekly 3-D photo series that will be updated on Fridays.

Nick is an avid promoter of 3-D and co-publishes one of the premier 3-D publications, World’s Most Beautiful. Nick works out of his Slickforce studio in Los Angeles. He has photographed more than 100 magazine covers and national campaigns.

The site’s growing gallery contains more than 30,000 stereoscopic 3-D images.

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Avatar Blu-Ray 3-D Coming to Stores in October


Twentieth Century Fox announced Avatar will be available on Blu-ray 3-D beginning around the world on Oct. 15 and in the USA on Oct. 16. Cameron's $2.7 billion global blockbuster was previously only available on Blu-ray 3D with purchase of Panasonic Blu-ray players.

“3-D television is the future of home entertainment,” Cameron said. "I'm a huge proponent of the technology and very pleased that Avatar can be viewed in the living room the way it is meant to be seen."

Cameron, who has said he's in the Avatar business, is busy prepping sequels to Avatar which might finally arrive in theaters around 2015.

Cameron's 3-D re-release of Titanic will become the first film in decades to screen in Myanmar. The 3-D version of Titanic has pushed the film's global tally to over $2.1 billion since release earlier this year.

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Frankenweenie 3-D Poster Art

Frankenweenie poster art.  Used by permission. ©2012 Disney Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.

Here is the poster art for the new Tim Burton film Frankenweenie. Frankenweenie is a new 3-D stop-motion, animated comedy from the creative genius of director Tim Burton. Presented by Walt Disney Pictures, Frankenweenie opens in theaters on Oct. 5, 2012.

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. Branson, MO View-Master reels for sale.

A Box That Turns any TV into 3-D

Dolgoff Instant 3-D Converter.

3-D pioneer Gene Dolgoff has built a box that will turn any TV, even a tube television, into a 3-D TV, and convincingly convert 2-D content to match. Read more...

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Dredd 3-D Poster Art

Dredd 3-D poster art.

Here is the final poster for Dredd 3-D starring Karl Urban. The movie also features Olivia Thirlby and is directed by Pete Travis. It will be released on Sept. 21, 2012.

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Parasite 3-D (1982)

Enjoy this 3-D clip from 1982's Parasite and watch for a young Demi Moore in her first movie role.

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Mars Rover Curiosity is ready to send 3-D Video to Earth

The mast 3-D camera onboard the Mars rover Curiosity landed on the red planet in August 2012. Many 3-D images and videos of the Martian landscape will be posted by NASA in the coming months and you can see them here.


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The Simple Carnival - Tornado 3-D Videos Will Eventually Be Available on Blu-Ray 3-D


Jeff Boller is the primary musician behind The Simple Carnival, a Pittsburgh-based power pop band. The Simple Carnival's next album won't be an album at all, but a 40-minute animated music video movie called Smitten 3-D. It will be released as a 3-D Blu-ray. It'll be just like listening to an album from beginning to end, except there will be a 3-D music video that accompanies each song.

Smitten 3-D is currently a work in progress, but some of the videos are online while the band is working on other videos. Check out their latest 3-D video for a song called Tornado. It was made solely with black construction paper, a pen knife and painted backgrounds.

More information about The Simple Carnival Smitten 3-D project is available here.

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Auction Results

Lebanon Springs stereoview.

A New Lebanon Springs stereoview sold for $616 with eight bids. The card was published by O.B. Buell Views at New Lebanon Springs and Mt. Lebanon Shakers. The view is looking northwest from the office and is dated (in pencil) Saturday Aug 10, 1872.

Chinese market stereoview.

A stereoview of the China Market in Scaramento, California sold for $500 with one bid. The view shows an early Chinese market in San Francisco during the 1860's.

1920s penny arcade viewer.

A 1920s penny arcade 3-D viewer sold for $353.88 with 11 bids. The vintage 1-cent coin-operated stereo viewer was made by the Cresent Specialty Company of Philadelphia. Place the penny in the slot and activate the lever, which winds up using the spring-loaded mechanism, and the viewer carousel slowly turns, showing approximately 12 viewer cards and then stops. There are 60 cards in the viewer. The eye-piece lenses are not scratched. There is a lockable slide-out coin box that can be removed for emptying.

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