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100 Ways to use View-Master®*

The use of modern full color stereo pictures by business firms dates from March, 1939 when View-Master® produced the first in a series of pictures for use in selling. Since that date large concerns such as R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Proctor and Gamble, Sunkist Oranges and many others have used View-Master® 3-D pictures with spectacular results. 3-D pictures command the undivided interest and attention of the viewer. These "come to life" pictures add a "believability" and acceptance to any marketing presentation. Anything that can be photographed can be pictured to advantage with View-Master® 3-D pictures. Bulky products, services, product uses, manufacturing processes, lifestyles and any other selling factors can be brought to the eyes of the customer with a realism achieved by no other form of photography. View-Master® 3-D pictures are simple and easy to use. Mounted in seven-scene reels that are durable, lightweight and so compact that hundreds can be carried in the pocket. Applications are practically unlimited. Use them for sales presentations, historic preservation, educational applications, instructional training, promotional giveaways, employee premiums, table top advertising displays, 3-D illustrated publications, fund raising, souvenir sales and more. View-Master® 3-D pictures can be used in any selling situation. The following list shows over 100 ways View-Master® 3-D pictures have been or can be used by various types of business firms. Click here to discover how you can mass produce your own custom View-Master® reels and packets.

Advertising Agencies 3-D pictures of agency personnel and office facilities as well as picture's of client's operating plants to show agencies' scope of operations make impressive additions to an agency's solicitation of new accounts. Production of View-Master® 3-D pictures for clients can be a very profitable agency service.

Agricultural Chemical Manufacturers use series of View-Master® 3-D pictures to demonstrate progressive killing action of Two, Four, and Five-T mixture on Canadian thistle and blackberry. Date cards photographed in each picture indicate time involved.

Air Freight Lines loading and unloading of refrigerated vegetable cargo is shown in dramatic stereo to demonstrate quick, careful handling of perishable products by employees.

Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers use seven-scene View-Master® 3-D pictures to show new models of home air conditioning equipment. Pictures of actual installations show customers how units will look in the home.

Apparel Buyers Imagine today's supermodels showing off your latest product as it is modeled for you in pictures so life-like you think they will walk out of view. Use these pictures to preview and sell merchandise before it arrives.

Architects use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show best examples of completed homes or buildings to impress prospective clients with scope and variety of work. Take three dimension progress pictures of building construction. Use date cards to show time element. Full color 3-D pictures give the effect of an actual visit to the project.

Art Galleries and Antique Dealers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show objects of art that are for sale but not on display. Also to keep a realistic picture record of exhibits and shows.

Attorneys use View-Master® 3-D pictures as evidence. True to life realism of stereo pictures adds understanding and believability.

Auctions use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show high quality, realistic views of those one of a kind collector's items. Include a View-Master® 3-D Reel of the truly unique antique with your auction catalog.

Auto Body Repair Shops use three dimension pictures showing operations in rebuilding crumpled fenders to demonstrate quality of craftsmanship available from the shop.

Auto Freight Lines Pictures in realistic stereo of truck and trailer equipment, freight handling operations and areas served are excellent attention getters and prestige builders for agents who sell the freight line service.

Automobile Dealers "Come to life" View-Master® 3-D pictures of car models and color combinations available but not in stock make selection easy for car buyers.

Awning Manufacturers 3-D pictures show realistically how various colors of striped and plain awnings look on different types and colors of houses. Pictures allow customers to select awnings with ease and confidence.

Bakeries Routemen use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show decorated birthday and other special occasion cakes to customers. Make selection easy. Eliminates the need for actual samples.

Banks use View-Master® 3-D pictures to rent safe deposit boxes. Boxes of various sizes photographed with capacity contents stacked along side helps the customer select the size they need.

Bathroom Fixture Dealers Harmonious installations of various colored fixtures can be shown with selling effectiveness on View-Master® 3-D reels.

Beauty Parlors Attractive hairdos are easy to show with dramatic 3-D pictures. Use good looking models and photograph each arrangement from front, back and sides.

Bowling Alleys use real-as-life View-Master® 3-D pictures to influence formation of new teams and leagues. Stereo pictures of alleys and other facilities make effective selling tools.

Breweries use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show how beer is made and to take customers on a trip through the brewery. These pictures are ideal to impress dealers with the care used in brewing.

Brick Companies use easy to understand View-Master® 3-D pictures to show attractive brick homes, churches, schools and commercial buildings, also to show step-by-step procedure in building different types of outdoor barbecues and fireplaces.

Builders and Hardware Dealers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show installations of door knobs, knockers, locks and cabinet fixtures, etc., available but not displayed.

Building Material Manufacturers picture typical installations of sheathing, siding, wallboard in residences, schools and commercial buildings in View-Master® 3-D pictures. Salesmen use 3-D pictures mounted in easy to use View-Master® Reels to sell similar installations in other areas.

Building Contractors View-Master® 3-D pictures of completed homes create confidence in the minds of prospects. Pictures are most effective when they show homes already landscaped and attractively furnished.

Bus Lines equip the ticket office with View-Master® 3-D Reels to show scenic highlights along the various routes. This allows passengers to "sample" the trip in advance.

Cabinet Makers preserve pictures with View-Master® 3-D Reels of completed furniture in seven real as life views. These pictures can be used to sell similar pieces to new customers.

Caterers take View-Master® 3-D pictures of typical buffets and table settings to show new customers the completeness of their service. Customers can select the type of service desired with ease and confidence.

Cattle Breeders show service bulls, and blooded stock in realistic View-Master® 3-D pictures. Stereo pictures show qualities of conformation to best advantage.

Cemeteries show View-Master® 3-D pictures of available plots. Take pictures during spring and summer when cemetery shows to best advantage. Use pictures during bad weather to sell plots.

Chambers of Commerce send View-Master® 3-D pictures of available industrial sites to distant prospects. The true-to-life realism of these pictures make them almost as effective as an actual inspection trip. Local historic or tourism sites can also be featured to show off the local area to visitors or prospective industry.

Children's Nurseries use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show actual scenes of children's activities, classroom and recreational facilities.

Churches use View-Master® 3-D pictures of prominent members as well as interior pictures of the church when calling on prospective members. Sunday school membership can be increased by showing parents 3-D pictures of interesting class activities.

Cleaning Services View-Master® 3-D pictures show the completeness of service and the different equipment used to that end. Before and after pictures could be featured.

Collectibles View-Master® 3-D Reels are now collector's items. National and International clubs have organized and started collecting rare and unique View-Master® 3-D Picture Reels. Special View-Master® 3-D reels and blister packets have been produced by groups such as The National Stereoscopic Association and the View-Master® Tru-Vue Collector's Association. Limited edition and commercially produced reels are now becoming quite collectible. Reels produced in limited numbers such as advertising reels available only from the companies who produce them are especially desirable.

Community Organizations can feature their projects or goals with View-Master® 3-D pictures. Utilize visually exciting 3-D images to describe your needs or to document your progress toward completion.

Computer Manufacturers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to instruct new operators in uses of computer software. Pictures are so life-like, operators remember instructions better and longer. Leave pictures for reference after initial demonstration.

Conservation Departments and Outdoor Organizations View-Master® 3-D pictures can be used in a variety of ways. Feature animals and fish found in your state. Beautiful scenery, trout parks, hatcheries, plants, birds, mushrooms, caves, and much more. Any outdoor or conservation topic can be featured in true-life 3-D. Use this unique photography to excite school children with 3-D presentations. 3-D reels can be included inside conservation books accompanied with text to effectively highlight any topic.

Corrective Shoe Manufacturers View-Master® 3-D pictures demonstrating how shoes affect and correct various foot conditions, make convincing selling aids in the hands of shoe salesmen. Pictures are easy to show and never get out of selling sequence when mounted in View-Master® 3-D Reels.

Correspondence Schools use View-Master® 3-D color pictures to supplement printed instruction, particularly in mechanical type courses. Students understand what they see in pictures with depth because it is so close to the real thing.

Cosmetic Manufacturers use View-Master® 3-D pictures of attractive models to demonstrate proper applications of make-up.

Country Clubs increase effectiveness of membership drives by using View-Master® 3-D pictures of the golf course, festivities at the club house and attractive members around the swimming pool.

Custom Boat Builders take advantage of real-as-life View-Master® 3-D pictures showing construction details as well as finished boats. Use pictures to show to prospects quality of materials and workmanship. Customers can make decisions as to type and size of craft after seeing 3-D pictures of finished boats.

Dairies furnish View-Master® 3-D pictures to schools to show milk production from pasture to delivery. Pictures emphasize the cleanliness of plant as well as modern equipment used.

Denitists View-Master® 3-D pictures of before and after shots of a patient's face and features prior to fitting dentures. "After" shots may be saved as records to show new patients.

Dog Kennels Seven-scene reels of View-Master® 3-D pictures to show distant prospects life-like pictures of valuable dogs for sale. Makes selling easy to a large market.

Door Manufacturers View-Master® 3-D pictures of different types and sizes of custom-built doors suggest how doors will look when installed. Reels can be used by dealers, contractors, and architects to sell to clients.

Education Use the dramatic realism of View-Master® 3-D pictures for educational information and expression with "3-D Illustrated" books and computer applications. Stereo-illustrated books or instruction manuals are unequaled for business, individuals, institutions, and organizations. Past publications ranges from the elegant 33 reel Mushrooms in Their Natural Habitat to brief medical mono-graphs. Medical books include Cochlear Anatomy, Arteries of the Brain, Atlas of the Uterince Cervix and more. Veterinary operations were featured in Stereo Atlas of Small Animal Surgery. The largest book documented 1,258 views of Chinese art in public and private collections. The four volume Chinese Art in Three Dimensional Color was published in 1969. The reels are bound in folios in the front and back of each volume. A ten year project, Mushrooms in their Natural Habitat featured 231 examples. Consider life-like 3-D documentation of large collections, such as that of a museum, historical society, or an on-going project such as photographing historic sites and people to build a database for reference, study and posterity. Many buildings on the National Historic Register may be lost to time and the elements in real life but could be preserved perpetually in 3-D!

Electronic Equipment Manufacturers use for job training. Detail assembly jobs are quickly explained and easily understood.

Extermination Companies demonstrate effectiveness of extermination service by taking before and after 3-D shots of badly infested premise. 3-D pictures are convincing and believable.

Farm Equipment Dealers Tractors, plows, cultivators and other types of heavy farm equipment can be shown to advantage in actual operation with View-Master® 3-D pictures. 3-D is ideal for showing all types of bulky hard-to-move machinery because of it's life-like realism.

Fenc Companies take View-Master® 3-D pictures of local fence installations to show prospects how the fence will look. Saves time driving on inspection trips to installations.

Fire Extinguisher Companies take a series of View-Master® 3-D pictures to demonstrate proper placing and proper types of extinguishers for different kinds of businesses.

Fishing Tackle Dealers To sell a new type of spinning reel, use dramatic View-Master® 3-D pictures of expert casters using the reel on streams and lakes. Depth of stereo pictures make them extremely interesting and convincing.

Floor Covering Dealers When customers wish to install their own tile floors, use a series of View-Master® 3-D pictures to show step by step procedure. Mounted in View-Master® 3-D Reels, the pictures never get out of order. Lend the reels to the customer while the job is being done.

Florists prepare a series of View-Master® 3-D pictures of wedding, funeral and other floral pieces. When the customer sees pieces in color and depth, selection can come quickly and confidently.

Food Distributors Stereo pictures of window and shelf displays used in the promotion of various grocery products help secure more displays. Grocers can see in advance what displays will look like.

Funeral Parlors View-Master® 3-D pictures illustrate the different priced caskets and services not on display. These pictures are very effective to use when it is necessary to discuss services away from the parlor. 3-D photographs of markers and headstones can also have their own special reel.

Furniture Stores Furniture styles and colors available but not in stock can be sold effectively with View-Master® 3-D pictures. Many sales that might otherwise be missed can be salvaged with stereo pictures.

Garden Supply Dealers show dramatic color pictures of customers using a featured brand of garden cultivator. These pictures become testimonials of satisfied customers.

Gasoline Pump Manufacturers show how pumps will look in other similar installations.

Geologists Distant and close-up View-Master® 3-D pictures of geological formations in 3-D and color are highly effective to show to students in the classroom.

Golf Pros use View-Master® 3-D pictures to demonstrate proper grip, stance and swing. Pupils grasp the meaning of stereo pictures quickly.

Heating Equipment Dealers take View-Master® 3-D pictures of local heating jobs to show new customers various types of installations.

Historic Preservation 3-D photography has been around for over 100 years. Everyone loves to look at those old stereocards from the Civil War. Today's historic preservation needs should include View-Master® 3-D pictures to document every aspect of history. National and state historical societies can produce a permanent record of historic buildings, museum pieces, caves, to document historic sites, parks, geology, and cultural resources using 3-dimensional photography. There are many way 3-D photography can be used as a tool for historic preservation and economic development. 3-D images can be transferred to a computer to be viewed in classroom situations. Special books could be published using 3-D photographs like the informative nature books published by the Missouri Department of Conservation. The stereo illustrated science book "Unlocking Earth's Secret's" used View-Master® 3-D pictures to explain basic geology. "Chinese Art in Three Dimensional Color" featured 1,258 3-D photographs to document historic art objects in public and private collections all over the world. The reels are in folios bound into the front and back of each volume. A series of "Correlated Classroom Materials" for grade schools consisted of combined books, records and View-Master® reels featuring educational subject matter. Using today's technology, 3-D photographs could be incorporated into an entertaining and educational interactive multimedia computer display produced by computer information specialists. Local governments or chambers of commerce might want to develop and use 3-D promotional packets to entice economic development. Endangered historic buildings could be preserved in lifelike 3-D photographs before and after renovations. A database of 3-D photography would be available to libraries, museums, fairs, business and the public to showcase outstanding scenic, recreational and historic importance. Use 3-D photography to catalog outstanding natural features, trout parks, wilderness areas, state parks, historic sites, commemorative events, natural phenomena, geology, recreational opportunities, structures of statewide historical importance, and persons of state and national importance. Every President of the United States has been photographed in 3-D during the past 100 years! Popular cultural subjects would be a perfect item to be featured in 3-D. Museum exhibits and collections could be preserved in 3-D, too. A 3-D slide presentation could also be a unique attraction at the State Fair. 3-D reels could be given to students as souvenirs to view at home. They would also make great souvenirs to be handed out. You could also offer a souvenir 3-reel card featuring scenes for sale at various state park and tourist sites across the state, too. Not only is it a great tourism souvenir, it also helps promote the historical and archaeological preservation topics which souvenirs should reflect. Additionally, the people who buy a tourism product like this would take it home to share with others. Additional funds might be available from the annual allocation of federal Historic Preservation fund moneys through the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Park Service along with state money. Identify and budget significant projects deemed worthy of recognition and preservation as well as photograph them.

Horse Breeders send View-Master® 3-D pictures of outstanding colts to prospective buyers prior to auctions.

Hospital Equipment Dealers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show the latest models of bulky hospital equipment installed in typical hospitals. Helps in installation planning as well as in selling. You can also show home-care patients your product without them having to visit the showroom.

Hotel Chains use View-Master® 3-D pictures of allied hotels and accommodations to pre-sell travelers on member units. 3-D pictures can also be used to up-sell accommodations.

Household Appliance Dealers take View-Master® 3-D pictures of kitchen appliance installations in home of well known local people. Such pictures are forceful testimonials to the popularity of your products.

Ice Cream Companies show new merchandising background displays. Dealers are able to visualize and order display material quickly.

Insurance Agents can show high quality prospect properties. Use pictures as a "door opener" to interest prospects in insurance programs.

Insurance Companies provide insurance adjustors with View-Master® 3-D pictures to record on the scene personal and property damage.

Interior Decorators show "before and after" View-Master® 3-D pictures of typical decorating jobs. Color combinations and placement of furniture appear with breathtaking realism in 3-D.

Landscape Gardeners View-Master® 3-D pictures of completed garden projects taken at the height of their bloom make it easy to sell landscaping services. It helps prospects visualize plantings.

Lighting Fixture Dealers Fixtures can be ordered but not in stock can be shown to advantage with View-Master® 3-D pictures. These pictures are particularly effective when they show actual installation.

Limousine Manufacturers use stereo color pictures to show construction details of custom built automobiles. 3-D picture build confidence in your craftsmanship and building know-how.

Living Room Manufacturers furnish salesmen with View-Master® 3-D pictures of new suites. Table top displays can be provided to furniture stores, too.

Logging Equipment Dealers View-Master® 3-D pictures of heavy logging equipment in actual operation in the woods make effective selling tools. Because they are lightweight and durable, View-Master® 3-D pictures can be mailed to distant prospects without danger of damage.

Lottery Promotions Use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show different Lotto, "Scratchers" and other Lottery games as well as how the Lottery benefits the sponsoring state agency. A table top display could be sent to each vendor as a promotional item for viewing by potential players. A special seven-scene View-Master® 3-D Reel could be given out at the State Fair booth as a "souvenir."

Magazine and Newspaper Publishers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to drive home facts and figures concerning circulation, magazines acceptance, merchandising impact, etc. 3-D assures remembrance of your presentation. 3-D reels can also be inserted into the magazine or newspaper as a premium.

Mausoleums and Crematoriums Realistic View-Master® 3-D pictures showing beautiful buildings, grounds, niches, vaults and interiors of the chapel make it easy to acquaint people with the Mausoleum's facilities.

Military Training During World War II, View-Master® 3-D Picture Reels were used to identify enemy ships and planes. Today's Virtual Reality identification can be accompanied by View-Master® 3-D pictures in any training subject.

Model Agencies A file of View-Master® 3-D pictures showing different models makes selection simple for clients. The supermodels reel should become quite collectible.

Motel Associations All motels in association are photographed in impressive 3-D. View-Master® 3-D pictures are available at all registration desks to sell tourists on stopping at the next motel in the chain. You could also feature each motel on a single reel with local sites of interest accompanying the motel view.

Moving and Storage Companies show scenes of trucking equipment and moving operations. These pictures clearly demonstrate careful handling and personalized service available from the company.

Neon Sign Companies use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show sign installations in the realism of color and depth. This helps in planning signs as well as in selling new signs.

Nurseries use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show shrubs, plants and trees in full bloom, at all times of the year. Customers readily visualize what plants will look like in their own garden.

Orthodontists show "before and after" color pictures of patient's face and teeth to show results of corrective measures. Real-as-life photos make it easy to explain methods and effects to new patients.

Outdoor Advertising Companies show View-Master® 3-D pictures of available 24 sheet locations under typical traffic conditions. This saves time driving the prospects to the actual site.

Physicians and Surgeons use View-Master® 3-D pictures to keep clinical records of various types of pathological conditions for reference. A book, "A Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy," written by David L. Bassett, M.D. and illustrated with View-Master® 3-D pictures was issued to wide acceptance in the medical profession.

Port Districts show warehouses, elevators and other dock facilities in View-Master® 3-D pictures when selling port services to distant shippers.

Prefabricated Home Manufacturers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show different models of prefabricated houses available. Produce a set to show completed homes, freshly painted, with landscaping and lawns for best results. Devote one seven-scene View-Master® 3-D Reel to picture both interior and exterior features of each model.

Private Schools use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show buildings, dormitories, classrooms, recreational facilities and teaching staff when soliciting new students. They are so real they give an impression of an actual visit to the school.

Property Management Firms Exterior and interior View-Master® 3-D pictures of properties managed are excellent for office records. Use the reels to interest prospective tenants.

Public Schools View-Master® 3-D pictures of graduating classes make treasured mementos. Pictures of the class, school and teachers could be included with the school yearbook.

Publicity and Marketing Use View-Master® 3-D pictures to promote business, tourism, products, services, scenic and historic areas, music events and concerts, entertainers, conventions, sports, movies, television, and more. Nearly any subject can be featured with a realism achieved by no other form of photography.

Pump Dealers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show different types and capacities of pumps to buyers. Take pictures of installed units to demonstrate various conditions of terrain and operation to give prospects confidence in your solution to their pumping problems.

Radio Stations use View-Master® 3-D pictures to feature their air personalities in the studio, in the station van, live at special events, the station logo, audience growth and target graphics.

Railroads use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show proper methods of loading and unloading various types of freight.

Realtors View-Master® 3-D pictures of buildings, homes, estates or industrial sites available for rent or sale can be used to sell right in the Realtor's office. Reels can be sent to distant prospects, too.

Resorts Striking View-Master® 3-D pictures of the scenic and recreational area surrounding the resort, and of the lodging and other facilities are highly effective selling aids. These pictures can be used by Travel Agencies, Tourism Information Centers and Chambers of Commerce.

Restaurants use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show patrons choice menu specialties. 3-D pictures of banquet and meeting rooms help sell such facilities.

Road Building Equipment Dealers Provide seven-scene View-Master® 3-D Picture Reels to show shovels, graders, and other heavy duty equipment for rent. Contractors use these pictures for reference in planning equipment needs.

Roofing Applicators use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show different colors and patterns of composition shingles on various types of homes. Eliminates the need for inspection trips to actual homes.

Roof Truss Manufacturers show actual installation of pre-fabricated trusses in various types and sizes of buildings in realistic View-Master® 3-D pictures. Depth, distance and size take on new meaning when shown in stereo.

Safe Dealers View-Master® 3-D pictures of safe installations, and of models available but not in stock make it easy to sell this bulky, heavy weight equipment. Interior views showing capacity of safe are impressive and help prospective customer to select safe.

Siding Companies use View-Master® 3-D pictures to installations to show prospects how homes look with finished product before and after. Highly effective in showing start to finish process.

Skiing Instructors use "how to" View-Master® 3-D pictures to instruct students in various phases of the art of skiing. For best results, mount views in the correct training sequence.

Soft Drink Beverage Distributors can use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show their product in any situation. Grocery store displays, fountain services, summertime activities, and even the bottling process.

Sports Conventions Use View-Master® 3-D pictures of famous sports figures as a special "premium" item. Baseball card collectors have another unique collectible to add to their treasures. The View-Master® 3-D Reel could be sponsored by a corporate sponsor with six sports figures and the seventh image featuring their product or logo! Convention sponsors can produce a special reel featuring the sports figures who will be appearing live. Have a limited number of the reels hand numbered and autographed to make them even more collectible.

Steamship Lines preview vacation cruises with glamorous View-Master® 3-D pictures. Ports of call, deck scenes, state rooms, lounges, dining salons all shown to advantage in View-Master® 3-D pictures. Pictures can be used by ticket offices and Travel Agencies to sell cruises.

Store Fixture Manufacturers View-Master® 3-D pictures of representative fixture installations assure favorable attention for your counters and cases.

Swim and Sun Suit Manufacturers View-Master® 3-D pictures of attractive models are sure to catch and hold the eye. View-Master® 3-D pictures made with beach or pool backgrounds are particularly authentic and attractive.

Theatres use View-Master® 3-D pictures to preview present and coming attractions. Lobby fixtures and stereo reels can be custom produced. Use them for promotional mailings to movie reviewers, too.

Tourism Use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show historic or tourism hot spots in your area. Displays can be installed in a permanent fixture at Tourism Information Centers showing local or statewide points of interest. Custom production souvenir sets could also be sold to the public at souvenir shops or as a fund raiser.

Tractor Manufacturers With View-Master® 3-D pictures showing tractor models recommended for different working conditions pictured on the job in realistic color and 3-D, you have a convincing testimonial to the satisfactory operation of your equipment.

Trailer Manufacturers Low cost View-Master® 3-D pictures of hidden construction features, of models available, of trailers in use, make effective selling aids for dealers.

Trophy Manufacturers Various types and sizes of cups and trophies can be shown in true-to-life realism on seven-scene View-Master® 3-D Reels. Carry the reels in lieu of heavy samples.

Truck Body Builders use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show construction details of custom built truck bodies. Show "before and after" shots of wrecked and re-built trucks.

Wall Paper Dealers take View-Master® 3-D pictures of decorated rooms to show new wall papers, patterns, colors and combinations. Use them to suggest new decorative ideas to customers.

Window Decorators keep a record of effective window creations in color and depth. This provides an excellent source of ideas for future windows.

Window Glass Manufacturers use View-Master® 3-D pictures to show unusual and attractive applications for glass in walls and windows to sell architects on the use of glass.

Woolen Mills use full color View-Master® 3-D pictures of successful blanket displays to sell dealers on displays of their own.

A few users of View-Master® 3-D pictures for commercial and advertising reels:

  • 3-D Golf (A Guide to Swing Analysis-12 page book with 5-reels featuring Nicklus, Snead, Trevino, Colbert and Green)
  • A Gustavsberg Upsala-Ekeby Badrum I Farg (Swedish Bathrooms)
  • ACME Beer
  • Act III - Act III Advertising set with viewer and 1 reel, special book and custom box. Set will be tied with string and original tag as distibuted by the theater.   Book title is "Theatre Architecture and Auditorium Design."
  • Aero Mayflower Moving Vans
  • Albany Felt (Reels #1, 2 and 3)
  • Allibert (Bathroom cupboards 1965)
  • Alma Paint and Varnish
  • Alsco Aluminum Products
  • American Visionary Art Museum (One reel with specially designed viewer)
  • Anchor Post Fences
  • Andersen Library, R.C. Davenport Inc., Building Blocks of Molecular Structure
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Ansul Partners in Profit (Fire Extinguisher Franchises)
  • Armour Breaded Frosted Meats
  • Armour Precision Cut Steaks
  • Articrest Plastics
  • AVIA (Athletic Shoes)
  • Babee-Tenda Play Crib
  • Babee-Tenda Stroller-Walker
  • Baby Butler
  • Bacigro® Antibiotic Pellets
  • Baker Hotel
  • Barbie® (1960 - Special seven image reel showing early 1960's Barbie® outfits and gift sets. Reel is secured inside a Model E viewer with a cord attached to the bottom of the viewer, which once was attached to a Barbie® store display. Only four viewer and reel sets are known to exist.)
    Image 1 - Resort Set, Winter Holiday, Picnic Set
    Image 2 - Evening Splendor, Solo in the Spotlight, Enchanted Evening
    Image 3 - Cruise Stripes, Party Set, Cotton Casual
    Image 4 - Busy Gal, Suburban Shopper, Apple Print Sheath
    Image 5 - Barbie-Q, Mix 'n' Match Set, Sweater Girl
    Image 6 - Commuter, Trousseau Set, Peachy Fleecy Coat
    Image 7 - Plantation Belle, Friday Nite Date, Nighty Negligee
  • Barrett Dublecote Multi-Shingles
  • Bastian Blessing
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Beauti-Vue Bamboo Products
  • Beautycraft Custom Kitchens
  • Beech Aircraft
  • Belmar Shades
  • Bendix Duomatic
  • Bendix Dryer
  • Bendix Kitchen Appliances and Duomatic
  • Bendix Refrigerators
  • Bentley (Office Carpeting from DuPont Antron)
  • Berkey Custom Built Leather Furniture
  • Berko Glass Radiant Heat
  • Bernina 2 F Gegauf Ag Steckborn (Sewing Machines)
  • Betty Crocker Package Cake & Pie Mixes
  • Birthday Cake Designs A-G
  • Boeing (Superjet interiors for Boeing Jets 707, 727 and 737)
  • Bonair Zap Inflatable Boats (Two reels)
  • Boomtonware Christmas Promotion
  • Brammer Manufacturing Company (Living kitchens in birch)
  • Brammer New Conveniences
  • Brassiere Reel (Untitled reel with images of ladies modelling bras)
  • Bright White and Bubble Free (Belgium issue - 9 reels, Lundia Archives, Lundia Library in Home, Inaltera Paint, Inaltera Plastique, Inalters Velours, System Abstracta #3, System Abstracta #4, Ceramica Orchidea, Jotul for Moderne Oppvarmning)
  • Brown Shoe Company
  • Brunswick
  • Buick (1960)
  • Build Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Economical Plywood (Kitchen interiors)
  • Burroughs Storm Windows
  • Candulor Mold-Types
  • Catepillar (4-reels)
  • Centre National D'Information Et D'Expansion Des Jus De Fruits Et De Legumes (Healthy Food)
  • Ceratile Custom Design
  • Ceramica Gardenia (Bathroom Views of Ceramic Tiles with pretty models)
  • Ceramica Orchidea (European home interiors)
  • Cessna Model 170
  • Cessna 1953 1954
  • Chevrolet 1953 Store Wide Display Service
  • Christmas Club Corporation
  • Chrysler Six Ways Newer...Better
  • Chigaco Temple, Dr. C. R. Goff, Pastor, The World's Tallest Church
  • City Place (NYC Hotel interior and exterior)
  • Clay Seed of Kentucky Tobacco
  • CNA Insurance Group Max C-SR Division
  • CNA Insurance The Now Market C-SR Division
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Sales (13-reel set showing display of Coke products)
  • Coca-Cola (Three reel set)
  • Cohama Fabrics Bridesmaid and Formal Wear
  • Colgate (Restoring Decayed Teeth)
  • Colgate Plus MFP Toothpaste (Six reels, Reel six. Tuffy Tooth)
  • Coleman Oil Heaters
  • Commision des Ardoilieres D'Angers (Black stonework in homes and galleries)
  • Computer Images Systems (Stereo reading aids)
  • Cool Ray Aluminum Awnings
  • Cool Ray Aluminum Siding
  • Cool Ray Awnings Company
  • Cook Color Cabinet-Cook Paint
  • Cosco
  • Covington Fabrics
  • CR121 (Swiss Alro Grocery Store)
  • Curity Products
  • Curries Cakes
  • Curtiss Candy Company
  • DeVoe Paint-O-Rama Rack
  • Diamond Laboratories (Scenes of Dermatological Pathology of Animals)
  • Diamond T Trucks (Various features of Standard Oil Trucks, two reels)
  • Dienestrol Cream in Atrophic Vaginitis
  • Dreft Detergent (The reel has seven different color scenes that promote using Dreft to clean Cream separators and other Dairy Farm equipment. A couple of the scenes have a "farm girl" in shorts as almost a pin-up type enticement. Another shows a man in a white lab coat looking into a microscope with a background showing microscope views of how Dreft reduces bacteria.)
  • Dual Craft Cookware
  • Duratile
  • East Side Mario's (NYC restaurant dessert menu)
  • Easterling Sterling Silver
  • Ebti Behangviewer Kollektie (1971)
  • Edsel (Ford Motor Company Automobile, five reels)
  • Elements of Nucleic Acid Structure, The Andersen Library, R.C. Davneport Inc. Edition No. 1
  • Elgin National Watch Company (Spring 1967 showing advertising planned by the watch company.)
  • Embassy Suites
  • Eska Protein Wave
  • Eterna Since 1856 (Watch company)
  • Etfi Behandviewer Kollectie 1971 (Dutch, showing fancy European Interiors)
  • Fairbanks Morse Water Softeners
  • Fantasia (Plastic chairs)
  • Fir-Tex for Beautiful Walls and Ceilings
  • Flavor Seal Stainless Steel
  • Flower Arrangements (Artificial)
  • Forest City Trading Group Award of Excellence 1985
  • Friendly Shoes (The scenes are staged sets of women engaged in various recreational type activities. Each set has a small sign that says "Clothes by Mary Lewis or Jane Engel and Shoes by Friendly". The scenes are meant to be golfing, tennis, train travel, shipboard travel, sightseeing and one including a woody car.)
  • GAF Corporation-One Billion View-Master® Reels Commemorative Reel 1938-1978. (Reel is white with a gold foil center. Images show various packet highlights.)
  • Gallo Arbors
  • Ganzt Steak House
  • General Mills (Fall Harvest 1952, New Packages, Contest Shopper Stoppers, Extravaganza 1953)
  • General Motors (Views of Opel vehicles, two reels)
  • Georgia-Pacific Textured Paneling
  • Gleamlight Jewelry (Four reels with Model E Viewer with Gleamlight sticker in Model E box)
  • Greater Columbus Convention Center (Construction update)
  • Green Acres Sorgham
  • Hand Decorated Bamboo Products, Beauti-Vue Products Co., Chicago (Bamboo curtains and room separator in homes)
  • Hanes Hosiery
  • Harrision Hot Springs
  • Hastings Alumitile
  • Helipot
  • Hellcrafters Television (1951)
  • Hillman (Automobile, two reels)
  • Hoffman Easy Vision Televisions
  • Holland America Line Panama Canal Cruises One and Two
  • Holland America Line MS Noordam Eastern Caribbean Cruise
  • Homart Harmony House Steel Wall Tile
  • Hummer HumVee (Model L Viewer with two reels of "flat" images in a special box)
  • Hudson Poultry Equipment
  • Hufcor Laminated Folding Doors
  • Image One Studios (Two reels. Advertising for a commercial photographer)
  • IMAX Sony Large Films In Development (1996-Only 1,000 were produced for their Spain Convention)
  • Inaltera Pepier Peint (Wall paper) (17 reels)
  • Inaltera Revetement Mural (Wall paper)
  • Insulite Siding (Scenes of homes and buildings sided with Insulite. Each photo has a red banner across the bottom that says INSULITE SIDING.)
  • Intel (Two reels. Reel one- Intel Focus, Reel two-Pentium OverDrive Processor)
  • International Harvester (Three reels)
  • ITW High Cone Plastic Beverage Ring Carriers (Non-stereo reel with Model L Viewer in 15"x4 1/2" box and promotional literature)
  • Ivory Soap Part One (Three of the scenes are of women, including one bubble bath shot, and three are of babies. The seventh is an "It Floats" type generic ad.)
  • IV Europe 150 (Miniature refrigerators)
  • J.V. Brand Shirts
  • Jell-O Brand Puddings - (Two special reels produced by General Foods. Reel #1 Jell-O presents "The 7 Ancient Wonders of the World." Reel #2 is Jell-O presents "NASA's Apollo Moon Landing 1969.")
  • Jotful For Moderene Oppvarmning (Fireplace Heaters)
  • Kal Kan Pet Foods Walt Disney World Dealer / Consumer Contest 1971 (non-stereoscopic). Great views of the prizes, including various View-Master sets; Bill Burrud of Animal World; covers of Look and Life and Kal Kan Pet Food displays "for profit & prizes".  Comes with tan viewer with a sticker on it that reads "Roar ahead with Kal Kan-1972".  Given to Kal Kan salespeople or to grocery stores to entice them to sell Kal Kan. The reel shows prizes consumers can win, dealer prizes, shows Kal Kan store display, Kal Kan magazine and tv ads. Reel reads "Kal Kan Pet Foods Preview, Walt Disney World Dealer/Consumer Contest, non-stereoscopic"
  • KODJ Oldies 93 Fm Radio (Direct Mail Campaign)
  • KVOS-TV Promotion Pros
  • LaPree of California (Commercial Lingerie Reel.  1960s featuring 7 images -
    1. Baby Doll Bikini $4.95 (white)
    2. Playtime $5.95 (white)
    3. Lovers Dream $6.95 (red)
    4. Exotic $8.95 (black)
    5. Lusciuos Pegnoir & Gown $10.95 (black)
    6. Sheer Delight $6.95 (black)
    7. Indian Maiden $7.95 (red)
  • Lake Tahoe Airport, El Dorado, California
  • Lectro-Host 1 Custom Bilt Ranges
  • Lincoln-Mercury (1962)
  • Lockwrap Crown Zellerbach Corporation (Food Wrapping)
  • Lundia Public Library #5 (Shelving in a Swedish Library)
  • Lundia Sweden Storage (Shelving displays)
  • Luxaflex (Aluminum blinds)
  • Luxaflex (Aluminum outdoor roll-up awning)
  • Luxaflex (Furniture with female models featuring aluminum blinds)
  • Luxaflex(Modern room settings)
  • Lyons New Freedom Gas Kitchens
  • Macleens-Dentifricio Dalla Triplice Azione, Macleens Limited, London, England (Slightly risque girls)
  • Magnolia Trailers (Four reels. Construction, 37 foot Dixie, and more)
  • Marathon's Resale Products
  • Marble Institute of America
  • Masonite
  • Matchbox Rare Regular Wheels 95-96 (European issue)
  • McKesson's Wishing Well Promotion (1955)
  • Medeco Indio Triele Woning Bouw (Dutch apartment building and grounds)
  • Medico Pipes Displays
  • Mengel Cartons
  • J. Milhening Inc. (Views of gold rings.  Reel one and two are women's rings and the reel three is men's rings.  Reel One and Two are titled R.H.R., Reel three is titled Gents.)
  • Milwaukee Office Chairs (Seven reels)
  • Miss Beautyrest
  • Monarch Products Corporation
  • Motorola Cruisin! See What You've Been Missing (Five non-stereo reels)
  • Motorola Television (Proof reel)
  • Muntz TV (New Muntz TV 1953)
  • Nash Cars (4-reels and special Model "C" viewer w/Nash decal in a special box)
  • National Distillers Products
  • National Geographic (Four reels)
  • National Stereoscopic Association
  • Nestle's (Juicy Juice)
  • NO/FY Aarkimede princip (Boats and balloons demonstrate Archimedes principle of raising sunken ships)
  • NO/FY Frikton (Slipping and sliding people demonstrating principle of friction)
  • Nobility Plate Hollowware Pieces
  • Nomad-A high volume profit sales story (Reel promoting the View-Master® mono camera)
  • Nova Wall Units
  • Nova-Vita Windows
  • Oldsmobile 1985 Ninety-Eight Regency Promotional Set. The set consists of a red 3-D viewer, three reels and insert card in a special black box with silver text. Text reads Oldsmobile A Whole New Dimension. Reel One. A New Dimension in Manufacturing and Quality. Reel Two. A New Dimension in Technology and Road Management. Reel Three. A New Dimension in Luxury.
  • Omnipage 5.0 (Software company. Set includes Blue Model L viewer and one reel in a black box)
  • Opel Automatic (Opel in traffic)
  • Opel GT (Close up shots of front, back and interior w/pretty model opening door)
  • Opel Kadett (Sedan)
  • Pacific Development, Inc. (Shows advantages brought by Lloyd District and Oregon Square. Set includes white box, blue model L viewer and two reels)
  • Pacific Body Builders
  • Packard Motor Company
  • Pam-Am, First with the 747
  • Pasta House Company (Dessert Menu)
  • Payne Furnaces Company
  • Pennywise Plastics
  • Philishave (Phillips Norelco Shaver)
  • Pin-Up Bikinis from the French Riviera
  • Pittsburgh Paints
  • Planter's Peanuts - Planter's Helps Build Nut Sections Reel shows retailers how to display Plantersproducts in a grocery store setting. A large "Mr. Peanut" store display is pictured in 3-D.
  • Plastic Lume Flo-Fold #2 (Vertical blinds)
  • Pomona "Space Rite" Tile (Six reels)
  • Port of Portland
  • Portland Oregon Art Museum "Imperial Tombs of China" Exhibit
  • Postoperative Use of Triple Sulfa Cream
  • Pratt Institute (GAF Corp. The class of 1979 from The Pratt Institute, which is apparently around Brooklyn, made their yearbook with a small booklet and Viewmaster reels. Their theme was, "The Partys Over". The booklet reads like any other yearbook, but is about the size of a viewmaster packet booklet and shows individual pictures of the students, as well as the pictures taken during classes, pictures of the campus, faculty and of course the big party at the end. There are 9 Viewmaster reels.
    1. President Pratt and the campus
    2. Engineering Department
    3. Fashion, Dance, Theatre Department
    4. Film and Photography Department
    5. Painting and Sculpting Department
    6. Communication and Printmaking Department
    7. Ceramics and Industrial Design Department
    8. Architecture and Environmental and Interior Design
    9. Directors and Deans
    Container is a  Viewmaster canister with a picture of a record album being played on top, a GAF viewer, a balloon that says "The Partys Over" which is affixed to the yearbook booklet with a Pratt Institute gold sea and a GAF reel canister for the reels that
    says "Alka Seltzer" on top.
  • Princess Tru-Tone China (Four reels)
  • Quality Bakers (The reel has seven color scenes actually promoting the benefits of Quality Baker's displays. The reel features "Pretty Pat." I don't know if Pretty Pat was an advertising campaign or just a bit of cheesecake for this reel, but one scene looks like it shows a stand-up of her next to a display.)
  • Quaker Assured Comfort 1954 Gas Heaters
  • R.E.M. (Rock Band Promotional Kit. Includes one black Model L with black advance knob with R.E.M. decal, one black and white sepia-toned reel in a 6" x 3 1/4" x 3 3/4" silver top black bottom box with graphics and plastic window. Includes CD titled "New Adventures in HiFi")
  • R.C.A.Victor
  • R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (Merchandiser, Christmas 1951, Christmas 1954)
  • Rail & Flange System Lubricators
  • Rain Jet (Two reels) Fountains by Rain Jet. Stunning fountains of water of all shapes and heights photographed at night time with different colored lights, almost as good as fireworks!
  • Rainier Beer's New Cartoon Cans Display
  • Ra-Tox and Fasionfold Doors
  • Reel 3-D News
  • Reflexite Signs
  • Regina Kitchen Designs
  • Rekord 4-Door (Rekord car)
  • Research Laboratories Deep Rock Oil Company
  • Restonic Mattresses
  • Ripplewood
  • Ritz Bits (Nacho & Pizza)
  • Roche Cliniscope Roniacol
  • Roche Cliniscope Ilidar
  • Rolba Zamboni, Zurich (Ice making machine at work)
  • Ron-Del Inc.
  • Ronson Lights
  • Rway Sheboygan Wisconsin (Dining Room Furniture, three reels)
  • S.A.S. Institute Inc.
  • S.A.S. Tieffe Sesto S. Giovanni Porte E Cabine Per Ascendor (Elevator Doors)
  • SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer Center, five reels of science research images 1992-1995)
  • Sara Lee Homestyle Cakes
  • Scenic Pre-Views Wallpaper (Four reels)
  • Scott Stay Clean Test Chevron Gas with F-310
  • Sea-Swirl Decorative Plywood
  • Seagram's
  • Sears Twin-door Coldspot Refrigerators
  • Seven-Up (Twenty reels)
  • Shenandoah Caverns
  • Siemens Panel Boards (One reel and red viewer with Siemens sticker)
  • Sioux City, Iowa (Visa-Dine)
  • Shamrock Craft
  • Shell Oil
  • Showtime (Starpower weekend sweepstakes promotion)
  • Simmons-Scope shows Beautyrest with F.A.C.  It shows a person laying on a mattress, inner coils, guarantee, comfort and others.  Non-stereo as you have to look at it with your right eye to see the right image then you have to turn it upside down to see the other half.
  • Simplex Jenny (Two machinery reels)
  • Simplex Remotrol (Two machinery reels)
  • Small Tube Products Inc.
  • Smart Button II The Game
  • Specular Infini-D (Macintosh 3D Graphics Tool. Set includes red model L viewer with the name Specular on viewer and one reel)
  • St. Regis Paper Company, Jacksonville (Three reels)
  • Standard Duplicating Machines
  • Standard Oil (Atlas Tires reels one through five)
  • Stark Nurseries (1949 Four reels featuring apple, peach, plum, cherry and other trees in various stages of growth at Stark Nurseries Fine Fruit Trees in Louisiana, Missouri. Reel C has scenes that show either of ripe fruit or of attractive women showing a fruit tree. The fruit pics include apples and peaches. The varieties mentioned in the printed captions are Stark Golden Delicious, Starking, Jonared Double Red Jonathan, Hal Berta Giant (peach), Scarlet Staymared, Golden Delicious Stark Redgold Starking, and Stark Hardy Dwarf Golden Delicious.)
  • Steiners Cabinets (The reel has seven color scenes actually promoting the benefits of Steiner Streamliner towels. Steiner Streamliner Cloth Cabinet is actually one of those metal cabinets that has the roll of cloth towel in it, the kind you used to see in public lavatories. The scenes actually show the benefits of the towels, the washing/sterilizing process and even the deliery of bundles of towels. There is one scene that shows the different locations where the towels are used. The locations include Marshall Fields, Empire State Building, Geneva Steel, Armour, Walker Bank, No. 1 La Salle Street, Merchandise Mart and schools.)
  • Stemens Sentron Panelboards
  • Stereo Reading Aids Demonstration Reel
  • Stitzel Weller Distillery
  • Sunkist Oranges
  • Suntile (Four reels)
  • Sunworthy Full Wall Murals by Canadian Wallpaper Manufacturers Ltd. (Home interiors with wallpaper murals)
  • Super Steelers (Benefit reel for Press Old Newsboys Children's Hospital Fund of Pittsburgh-1,000 produced)
  • Scweizer Woche (German language prizes. One reel with gold foil center.)
  • Swift's Ice Cream
  • Sylvania Products
  • Tek-21 Conference (1992)
  • Ten-Bel Resort (Barbecuing, train, entertainment, swimming, rooms, etc.)
  • Texcel Tape
  • The Bon Spokane, WA (Desserts including sundaes, custard, cakes and brownies)
  • Thermadore Bilt-In Electric Units (Six reels)
  • Thermo-Rite Glass Fireplace Front
  • Tide Detergent (In special tiny Tide Anniversary Box)
  • Toro Mowers
  • Towne Products Serving Pieces
  • Transvision Television Inc.
  • Tribune Entertainment (Four non-stereo reels featuring Geraldo, Joan Rivers, Soul Train, and Monsters w/Blue Model L Viewer and nice booklet in a special box that comes inside another box that folds out into a giant View-Master® reel.)
  • Tupperware Hostess Gifts
  • Typical Weather Seal Installations (Three reels)
  • Un Vol En Planeur (Hang Gliding)
  • United States Plywood Corporation (Nakora and Samara Wood Paneling, Surfwood-Sea Swirl Surfplank)
  • Unitron Woven Wood Products
  • Universal Gas Ranges
  • Unox Soup (1983, Dutch. Images shows soup and prizes to be earned with premiums)
  • U.S. Gypsum Acoustical Tile
  • U.S. Royal Lifewall Blowout Prevention (Tires)
  • USCO Graphics (Software company)
  • V-8 Cocktail Juice Snacktime Display Unit (June 1955)
  • Van Der Meer Furniture
  • Van Camp Sea Food
  • Vancouver The City (Three reels showing off the city as a place attractive for conventions and meetings)
  • Victor Sewing Machines
  • View-Master® Sample Reel BC-1 (Samples from Empire Brush Products demonstrated by a lovely model)
  • View-Master® Tru-Vue Collector's Association
  • Vikon Tile
  • Virginia's Memorial Park
  • Virtue Chrome Dinettes
  • VitaCraft, Kansas City, Missouri, Sold through Bonded Distributors Only (Cookware)
  • Weber Showcase & Fixture Company Inc.
  • Western Optical Supply (Preview viewer with twenty-one reels to illustrate sunglasses tint. Viewer uses halogen bulbs)
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation
  • Westmoreland Solid Silver
  • Westport China
  • White Stag Sportswear
  • William Whitehurt's Photography (Photographer's portfolio)
  • Winchester Power Point Bullets (Winchester viewer and cardboard POP display)
  • Wynoil's Vapor Action Dee-Gumm
  • Wyoming Hereford Ranch (Views of seven prize bulls for sale Sept. 30, 1953)
  • Wyoming Hereford Ranch Heifers (1953)
  • Yankee Magazine (Fall foilage of New England with labeled viewer)
  • Youngstown Kitchens (Three reels including Decorating #1, Decorating #2, and #3 Steel Kitchens in Go Together Colors)
  • Your Product Comes to Life CD-1 (The first reel is titled "Your Product Comes To Life". It is CD-1. The reel has seven color examples of advertising campaigns using View-Master Reels. The scenes include Steiner Towels, Ivory Soap, Plastic Cement, Lucky Lager Beer, Electro Lux and Wyeth's Syringe.)
  • Your Product Comes to Life CD-2 (The second reel is titled "Your product Has Depth and Color". It is CD-2. This reel includes ads from B.P. John's Furniture, Jayvee Brand Women's Clothes, Quality Bakers, Dreft Soap powder, the Red Cross Palmer Quilted Mattress, Clothes by Jane Engel and Shoes By Friendly.)
  • Zio's Italian Kitchen (Two reels-Kid's Menu #1 & Dessert Menu #2)
  • Zone Roofing

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