M1 Carbine Sling



Pictures courtesy of Tom Arter

OD green M1 Carbine sling marked with mfg "S.M. CO." and dated "1944", complete with oiler marked "IS" (International Silver).  Also, notice the ends.  They are the early "C" type.  There is an example of the later "D" type further down in this page.


The US M1 Carbine


Photos below courtesy of Don Nie

The right and left hand views of a Inland USGI M1 Carbine with sling attached.


m1carb_sling_oiler_right1.jpg (47629 bytes) m1carb_sling_oiler_left.jpg (53711 bytes)

The unique arrangement of the rifle oiler as a butt stock "sling bar".  Click on photos to enlarge.


Close up of the M1 oiler

The M1 oiler opened


m1carb_sling_snap_and_front_swivel.jpg (52261 bytes) m1carb_sling_snap_back_and_front_swivel.jpg (45915 bytes)

The snap that forms the front swivel loop of the sling.  Right - front view.  Left - back side view.  Click on photos to enlarge.  Also, notice the later "D" type end.


m1carb_sling_snap_closeup.jpg (52918 bytes)

A close-up of the sling snap.  It is labeled "Klikit PULL with a six pointed star.  Click to enlarge.


m1carb_sling_buckle_front.jpg (38563 bytes) m1carb_sling_buckle_back.jpg (26469 bytes)

Left - Front view of the sling buckle.  Right - Back view of the sling buckle.   Click to enlarge.


How to install a M1 Carbine Sling

Information courtesy of Cliff

To Install, put the oiler in the stock slot, lace the sling thru from
the back side, go around the oiler and lace it back thru. Leave a lot of slack as you go.

To remove, remove the end tab from the buckle, loosen the sling around the oiler, and unlace it.

There are two ways to install the sling, with the end tab under the
buckle, and with the end tab outside of the buckle. With it under the
buckle easy adjustments can be made, loosen the buckle and move it. With the end tab outside of the buckle, it must be removed from the buckle, the buckle moved to the new position, and reinstalled.



m1_carbine_sling_patent.gif (85977 bytes)

Click above to see the original patent drawings for the M1 Carbine sling courtesy of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



Picture and information courtesy of Max Geary

Above is a white dress sling for the M1 carbine.


Picture and information courtesy of Lawrence L. Wagenseil

An unusual carbine sling with rubberized ends.  This may be a field modification.  Anyone out there know?

WWII M1 carbine sling, early color. I don't know this sling; it may be an altered early sling or some odd variation. It came off an Inland M1A1. It has black rubberized tips. The edge of the black across the web is (or was) sharp, so perhaps rubber tips were pressed and heated on. It is 1" X 42", with the lift-the-dot end closed. Book I have says length was 47 50 inches. From the bottom of the snap to the end of rubberized tip is 1 1/8", same as for a metal tip type, so this has not been cut down or shortened at this end. Sling buckle or slide looks lacquered or glazed and has 80%+ finish, not marked. Web is mustard or yellow khaki, not OD, and is excellent with no damage, tears, snags and is unmarked. The snap is marked "FIX" and RG (or PG or FG). The tips are black rubber (not a wound tape), clearly period if not original production. This may be an altered Type I (up to mid 1943) or some official design or trial. Rubber looks too good to be a GI alteration but certainly could be. I didn't do it and I have had this since 1964. I guess the intent was to eliminate noise or stock marks but this only a guess.






Picture and information courtesy of Paul LaVanway

WW II USGI "C" Tip Sling for the M1 Carbine. Sling is original and is marked I. B. M. beneath the tab.  Many collectors are not aware of the fact that IBM was the only contractor to routinely make their own slings. Note: The photo makes the sling look khaki---it is actually olive drab in color.


Picture and information courtesy of Gary Meyers

US marked carbine sling


Picture and information courtesy of Gary Meyers

This is a unissued carbine sling marked US KING 53.  It is Korean war surplus.  The snap is stamped KLIKIT on one side and RAUFASTENER CO. PROVIDENCE RI. on the other.  


Picture and information courtesy of Robin Bartel

Mustard yellow carbine sling marked U.S.M.C.    BOYT -43-




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