US M1907 Sling


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Various stampings found on the US Model 1907 leather sling


Hoyt marked sling from 1918.  F.M. Hoyt Shoe Co., Manchester, NH


1907 style sling marked "CS 1917"


1907 style sling marked "B.T.& B. CO." over a "1" or "I".  Sling was dated 1918.


W.T.& B. CO.  Wonder if this is the same manufacturer as above?


1907 sling marked "Chicago Belting Company"


Picture courtesy of Carol Popernack

Marked "G&K 1918 J.L.R."  G&K stands for Graton and Knight.  J.L.R. is an inspector's stamp.

Also have seen inspector marks J.B. on G&K Slings


Picture and information courtesy of Garrison's Army & Navy Surplus

Stamping on a 1918 dated WWI '07 sling.  W.T. & B.C. 1918, H.H.B.


Picture and information courtesy of Becky S

1907 sling with M.D.K. inspector stamp, manufactured by H&R


H & P 1918.  Inspector marked W.E.H.



Boyt Leather sling, marked Boyt 42


I contacted Boyt, who is still in business today, to see if they had any production numbers or other information in regards to their involvement with the U.S. military.  Unfortunately, all records concerning Boyt military contracts were destroyed in a fire in 1968.

Boyt Harness Company was founded in 1901, in Des Moines, Iowa, to manufacture leather saddles and harnesses, and quickly became known as the regional leader in quality products for the farmer and stockman. As word spread of the pride and craftsmanship with which Boyt products were made, the company was soon the standard bearer for leather products nationwide.

Boyt expanded its line of leather products for the first time during World War I, when it
contracted with the United States Government to supply leather goods to the American forces fighting overseas. These initial military contracts included Boytís first production run of gun cases, holsters, and rifle slings. At the start of World War II, the Boyt Harness Company again contracted with the U.S. Government to design and manufacture high quality military equipment including Jeep scabbards, holsters, ammo belts, and paratrooper carbine cases. The production of wartime leather products made Boyt one of the largest employers in Iowa.

After World War II, Boyt continued to manufacture quality products for farmers and ranchers, and added sportsmen to their list of clientele by building a canvas gun case that has remained virtually unchanged throughout the years. This gun case provided the platform for Boytís expansion into other hunting and shooting products such as specialty shooting bags, sportsmanís travel luggage, hunting vests, chaps, and related equipment.

In 1996, a small group of investors purchased the company and relocated it to the current
location in Osceola, Iowa. In September 1997, Boyt Harness Company purchased their long time and renowned competitor, Bob Allen Sportswear. Bob Allen has been producing shooting and hunting apparel and accessories since 1946, and is considered the leader in target shooting sports. The merger with Bob Allen allows Boyt Harness Company to produce high and middle range hunting and shooting products through two separate divisions and to expand international and domestic markets.



Picture and information courtesy of Ken Martin

Rock Island Arsenal marked and 1914 dated early '07 sling.  Inspector marked "T.C.C".  This sling also has brass fittings and a rare third keeper (not shown)

From the The History of the Rock Island Arsenal:  The Arsenal's first major test to meet emergency wartime production occurred with the Spanish-American War. The Arsenal equipped U.S. soldiers with such personal gear as haversacks, canteens, meat cans, tin cups and blanket bags. The Arsenal also produced a variety of leather accouterments for the calvary including saddles, saddlebags, rifle scabbards, bridles, halters, stirrups and straps. During the war, experience was gained in producing gun carriages and caissons. The war led to the permanent expansion of work force, operations and facilities. 


MILSCO section (under construction)

US 1907 pattern sling marked MILSCO 1944

Milsco had a large role in producing military products for the government to support World War II. In fact, Milsco management made the decision in September of 1940 to stop manufacturing farm harnesses and collars so the company could solely focus on these military items. For their efforts the company was awarded the Army-Navy E award. (from the MILSCO webpage)



Picture and information courtesy of Scott Butler

1907 sling stamped with the manufacturer's name, "Lawrence" and the inspector's initials "JEW."  I was told that Lawrence was a WWI contractor.






S&K 1918 with unreadable inspector marks beneath


Harvey Wheeler

Picture courtesy of Chuck Lamb



1907 sling manufacturers (under construction and looking for other manufacturers)

"B.T.& BRO." Below it I believe is "1918"
"BOYT 42." Many will tell you that all slings made in WW2 had steel hardware. In fact, brass was used until late 1942 when it was conserved for higher priority items.
B.P. 1918 W.?.  (I didn't actually see this stamping)
BT&B CO (2?)
BT&B CO over I
BT&B CO 1918 B.F.S.
CC 1942 (CC over 1942)
Chicago Belting Company
CS 1917
D (over) 14 (over) R-S   (Rossi Saddlery Company, a WWI leather goods manufacturer)
G&K 1918
G&K 1918     H.O.H
G&K 1918 H.H.B
G&K 1918 J.B.
G&K 1918 J.L.R.
G&K 1918     W.J.D.
H&P 1918     W.E.H.
H&R   1918
HOYT 1918 J.C.Y.
HOYT 1918 J.J.M
H-S S. CO. J.E.M. (undated, brass)
J.S.C. CO.
Ladew 1917 F.L.H.
Lawrence J.E.W.
Leroy? Levoy? Brothers 1917
P.B.&CO. 1918
RIA 1917
ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL 1918 G.H.W. (ROCK ISLAND over ARSENAL over 1918 over G.H.W.)
R-S   (Rossi Saddlery Company)
S. & K. 1918 (unreadable inspector stamp)
VBMC / 1917 / W.P.M 
W.T. & B.    1918   C.A.C.
W.T. & B.C. 1918, H.H.B.
WT&BCO 1918
WT&BCO 1918     R.E.W.


Mildew Resistant Treatment (MRT) Stamp

Picture courtesy of Willis McInnis

MRT stamped 1907 sling, dated "11-57"


Creedmore Shooting Sling

Pictures courtesy of Derold "Mac" McClammy

Creedmore Arsenal 1907 style shooting sling


1907 Web Sling

Pictures and information courtesy of Rick Scovel

Unique U.S. hook style rifle sling... Sling will fit the M1 Garand, 03 Springfield & BAR



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