U.S. M14 Sling


Web Variant


Picture courtesy of John Wayne


Pictures courtesy of Jonathan Webber of www.firearms.co.uk

Web sling for the M14E2 (later called the M14A1). This is the M14 variant that was designed to replace the M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle. This sling is identical to the M1 Garand web sling but is much longer to accommodate the larger automatic rifle.


Black Nylon Sling

Pictures and information courtesy of John Samson

Black nylon sling for the M1 / M14 family of rifles


Leather Variant (Match Sling)


Pictures courtesy of Dennis Makowski

This is a new un-issued leather sling in the original Government package. It is marked MRT and dated 5-95. The sling is used on the national match rifles and can be used on the M1 Garand and similar military type weapons.


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