Russian PPSH Sling 


Picture and information courtesy of Kay Hulme

Original machine gun sling for the PPSH41 or PPS 43 family of sub-machine guns, made in Russia during WW2. Standard mustard yellow cotton material with the leather parts put together with dark green threads.


Picture and information courtesy of Joe Foti

This PPSH sub machinegun sling is the correct khaki color coarse web material and tan leather.


The webbing looks like hemp


Russian PPsh41 and PPS43 Sling

Picture and information courtesy of administrators and
members: Tuco, Vic, Frank, Joe A, Marcus, W38_55, John van TX all posted on
the collector board November, 2001.

Multi purpose sling made for the PPsh41 and PPS43 SMGs that have front and
rear side swivels and sometimes for the SVT. Sometimes found dated 1942-43.
There are pictures of these type slings on Mosins in WW2, and a few Korean
War bring-back Russian Mosin M44 carbines that had one of these when captured. They come in different colors, lengths, and widths. Most certainly
used as an Ersatz sling later by the Russians on anything that needed a sling so it could be carried to the front. Some ex-Wehrmacht 98Ks imported from the former Soviet Union had these slings included with the other accessories that came with them.  No doubt these slings were used on other arms but still were originally made for the SMG.  Sling in picture is 33 1/4 inches long when mounted.


Another Variant 

Pictures courtesy of Ubbo Mansholt


Green web with leather tabs and metal D rings



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