Russian M91 - M91/30 Sling


Web Variant

Picture and information courtesy of John Robb

This is a Mosin Nagant M91/30 web sling made around 1944


Canvas Variant

Picture and information courtesy of Mark Kubes of

These slings are made of thin canvas folded over and sewn to make them thicker and have D rings on both ends and use leather tabs similar to Chinese SKS and AK slings. These came off a batch of Century Arms Imported 91/30's and the country of origin on these slings is unknown

ADDED INFORMATION (July 26, 2001) ON THE CANVAS SLING courtesy of Marcus A. von Weigert

Canvas Variant:  These slings have been showing up on a recent batch of 91/30 rifles that are believed to have been imported from Albania by Century Arms. Stalinist Albania had very close ties with Maoist China, which may explain somewhat why this sling resembles a Chinese SKS sling.



Leather Variants

Pictures and information courtesy of Ben Hall

A leather Mosin Nagant sling on a Russian M91 sniper rifle.  We believe the sling to actually be Romanian, but this gives an idea of how the Mosins are slung.


Full length view of the MN sling


Open "dog collars" 



The dog collar is ran through a slot in the forearm and the adjustable sling loop attaches through the closed ring made by the dog collar


Attaching the sling to the buttstock is similar, only using the unadjustable sling loop end


Nazi Marked Mosin Sling

Picture and information courtesy of Tom Arter

A very interesting Mosin Nagant sling.  It is a nice "dog collar" type sling, but notice the German Waffenampt, dated 1942.  Probably captured by the Germans on the eastern front in WWII.  



Another Leather Mosin Nagant Sling

From the owilly collection

Another Mosin Nagant sling similar to Ben's sling above.  This one is maked:  "21 MAI 1966".  It came from Tapco in 2001, billed as a "Mosin Nagant Sling".  Probably Romanian.

ADDED INFORMATION (July 26, 2001) ON THE LEATHER SLING courtesy of Marcus A. von Weigert:

Leather Variant:  These may have been made in several Com-bloc countries, including Russia, East Germany, and Romania.  The date suggests East Germany, as "Mai" (pronounced "My") is  German for the month of May, although the ink seems to be the purple color the Romanians used on many of their markings.  Romanian versions are sometimes made of 2 pieces of leather, connected with a metal ring.
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MN_rifle_sling_round_stamp2.jpg (35354 bytes) MN_rifle_sling_date_stamp.jpg (38978 bytes)

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