Hi! My name is Jon, aka Sage or Miser. I graduated from Rolla High School in Rolla, Missouri in spring 1996 and am currently working at Central Missouri Computer Center. Take a few moments if you like to browse through my personal page. I've been meaning to update this informational page about myself for some time now, but just haven't had the time. Enjoy!

I'll start by telling you what I'm into.. I'm quite involved in the computer world, always keeping up (er at least trying to :) on the latest technology and watching the markets. I'm a music-lover, and enjoy listening to it while doing most anything else. Some of my favorites include Massive Attack (& Tricky), Portishead, Enigma, Cake, Foo Fighters, and many others.

Picture of VW Manual
I spend much of my time going to see movies, listening to music, working on my car (a 1970 VW Fastback, seen at left), or working on computers. Currently, I'm studying to get my MCSE, so that keeps me busy when I have nothing better to do. :) I don't really get on IRC or any chat networks anymore, however you can always reach me on ICQ as Miser @ UIN 16739297. Of course, I also check my email on a regular basis at jlmiller@altavista.net

I thought it'd be only proper to put something half interesting on this page, so here it is: The 8th wonder of the world - the upside-down Vogt's sign! If you have any doubts of it's existence, cruise down highway 63 past Pizza Inn and have a look for yourself! My best guess is that it's an advertising technique.. gets plenty of attention, I'm sure!
Vogt's Sign

Even though I've moved out of the Rolla area, I am still a member and volunteer for RollaNet, which is a non-profit internet provider for the Rolla, Missouri area. For information about RollaNet and its services, visit the Courthouse here in Rolla or check out the RollaNet homepage. Thank you for taking the time to look over my personal page! Be sure and check again in a while because I plan to do much more with it.


This page dedicated in loving memory of Arlene Pagano.