Vol. 2(Adobe PDF files)

September 18, 2003
 Council approves $659,085 deficit budget.  Justice - a Cash Cow.  The Morrison Appointment.  The Autopsy Report .
          NSN02_02.pdf(When is a Bribe not a Bribe? When it’s a  “reimbursement in advance”)
          September 29, 2003

          NSN02_03.pdf(Bend Over Rolla (“If the TIF proposal along Williams Road falls through, you can kiss future development
                              in Rolla good-by.” – John Petersen, RDN “Special report: TIF” 10/26/03))
          November 3, 2003

          NSN02_04.pdf(ROLLA S.O.S.  (Stuck On Stupid)
          November 29, 2003

           NSN02_05.pdf(There are EIGHTEEN TIF areas!)
           The “TIF Master Plan” threatens 1,502 residents, 626 homes and
                                  Businesses in 407 acres over 10% of Rolla’s total land area!
           December 13, 2003

           NSN02_06.pdf (THE MORGAN MANIFESTO)
                             Or, How Joe and Karl met and became Comrades
           December 30, 2003

           NSN02_07.pdf(The “Carnage” Strategy)
                             District creates phony budget for political demonstration
          January 13, 2004

          NSN02_08.pdf(Rolla District Has 6-Day “Blow-Off Education” Holiday
                                                   for Seniors;
                      City Council to get court order to examine their own dirt )
          February 6, 2004

         NSN02_09.pdf(Show Us the Cash-flow!)
         March 5, 2004

          NSN02_10.pdf (Secret TIF Contract: City Hall gives Kaplan their “deep pockets”
                                     and will pay developer 7% interest on $15.5 million for 23 years!)
          March 25, 2004

          NSN02 11.pdf    (Terry’s Big Adventure with Burgundy Demi-Glaze *Legislation for Liars * Piecemeal School Budgeting
                                 * What Conflict of Interest Isn’t – a story about Sonny’s roofing contract * Annie Grabs the Gavel – again ?
                                   Quest for the Perfect Yuppie Child * Citizens for Drain Pipes * City Audit Committee * Trucks not allowed *
                                    The Missing Sugar Tree Road Drugs )

          NSN02_12.pdf (Now we’re the “Outlaw County of the Ozarks”)
           June 14, 2004

          NSN02_13.pdf(Questions from the bunker)
         June 28, 2004

           NSN02_14.pdf(Law and Disorder)
           July 16, 2004

           NSN02_15.pdf (We feel another WACO coming on)
          August 6, 2004

          NSN02_16.pdf (Welcome to the Municipal Follies)
          September 3,2004

         NSN02_17.pdf(Celebrating the Constitution with Flag-flyin,’
                                   Horn-honkin’ and Ear-candle Therapy)
         October 1, 2004

       NSN02_18.pdf (The Price of Settlements and Secrecy)
        October 18, 2004

       NSN02_19.pdf("C.O.R.E. is L.A.Z.Y.")
       November 22, 2004

        January 8, 2005

        NSN02_21.pdf  ("The EEZ and the ‘County of Rolla’'
           The Board’s Dirty Little Secret ? Bass at War -The Rape of Buehler Park – again -
                                    A Kaplan Co. sighting - “Why waste time planning?” -
                                    The RFP has an ethics problem - What price apathy? -
                                    In “other business” at the RMU/ City Council meeting -
                                    The PTO arms race
        February 4, 2005

        NSN02 22.pdf ("Chief Buehler’s ‘vision’ was to sell his memorial park?')
        February 19, 2005

       NSN02_23.pdf(Is the Board’s Dead Web Site telling us something?
                                         (Some advice for the winners on April 5th)
        March 18, 2005

        April 11, 2005

        NSN_25_.pdf (RMU’S WELCOME TO ROLLA)
        April 29, 2005

        NSN_26.pdf (Why the Phelps County Sheriff's Department received  the
                               Bramlett-Light Respect for Law Award this year:)
        June 14, 2005

        NSN_27.pdf (Hy Point -The Black Hole of Tax Assessment
           How 38 years of Secrecy and Abuse of Power Stunted
                             Rolla’s Growth and Enriched the RCDC)
        June 22, 2005

        NSN_28.pdf (Hy Point -The Black Hole of Tax Assessment - Part 2
                               The Industrial Park Giveaway - RCDC’s Mystery Methods)
        June 27, 2005

        NSN_29.pdf(Hy Point -The Black Hole of Tax Assessment - Part 3
           How RCDC Created Industrial Stagnation during an Industrial Boom)
        July 14, 2005

        NSN_30.pdf  (The Chicken-killing Council)
        July 28, 2005

        NSN_31.pdf (Hy Point - The Black Hole of Tax Assessment – Part 4
                               RCDC Cleans Up on the $906,000 s Incubator and the $2.25 Million Schwitzer Deal)
        August 4, 2005

        NSN_32.pdf  (Is the RMU “fee wrapped in a tax” a tax or a ruse?
           What the Rolla Council hasn’t been told about the Hancock Amendment
                                 • Did RCDC ‘short’ the City 10 acres on the Incubator trade? • Shop
                                                          Lebanon First!)
        August 9, 2005

        NSN_33.pdf ("Milking the Electric Cow")
        August 19, 2005

        NSN_34.pdf (Hy Point -The Black Hole of Tax Assessment – Part 5
           RCDC Masquerades as a Charity but Flunks the Three-Prong Test)
        August 24, 2005

        NSN_35.pdf(Hy Point -The Black Hole of Tax Assessment – Part 6
                                        Avoiding the constitutional question)
        September 8, 2005

        NSN_36.pdf (The City of Rolla’s Faith-Based Budgeting)
        September 22, 2005

        NSN_37.pdf  (Hy Point –The Black Hole of Tax Assessment – Part 7
                                The RREC’s “Creative Development Opportunities)
        September 29, 2005

        NSN_38.pdf (Hy Point -The Black Hole of Tax Assessment Conclusion
                                "Special Interests have been Bleeding Rolla for 38 Years")
        October 14, 2005

        NSN_39.pdf (TIF II – Another Morgan Fur Ball)
        October 28, 2005

        NSN_40.pdf(Is Brewer Science a “Crown Jewel” or cheap rhinestone?)
        December 9, 2005

        NSN_41.pdf(Eminent domain - A “significant tool” in the city’s “toolbox”
        January 20, 2006

        NSN_42.pdf(The Tale of the Deficit Pea…City Hall’s $465,154 Secret Park Purchases…Chamber Pork Ready for More Sauce –
                               how the  Chamber of Commerce became City Hall’s Poodle.)
        February 2, 2006

        NSN_43.pdf (What is it about “No” Morgan doesn’t understand?...Is City Government LD?...The Rolla Public Library -
                             Victim of City Hall’s real estate politics… Wiggins’ wagging finger… Promote Rolla tourism – hand out a bagel today.)
        February 17, 2006

        NSN_44.pdf (Whose “Useful Idiots” are they?)
        March 3, 2006

        NSN_45.pdf (Playing Pin the Tail on the TIF)
        March 17, 2996

        NSN_46.pdf(“A Litany of Lawsuits” – True Stories of the Free Lunch)
        March 31,2006

        May 6, 2006

        NSN_48.pdf (RMU’s not-quite full disclosure letter
                              RMU will charge us 10¢ per kWh for the same “juice” they’re selling to
                              Memphis, Tennessee for 7¢ per kWh! )
         May 26, 2006

        NSN_49.pdf(Buying Corporate “Pork Parks”)
        June 14, 2006

        NSN_50.pdf(Buying Corporate “Pork Parks” (part 2)
        June 28, 2006

        NSN_51.pdf (Can Jenks get the $2.2 million deficit and city spending under control?
             August budget hearings will set the tone for the new ‘Jenks Administration’)
        August 2, 2006

        NSN_52.pdf (It’s time to repeal the so-called “Tourism” tax)
        September 11, 2006

        NSN_53.pdf (The cost/benefit analysis of the Chamber ‘rental’
                                       contract - the one the council didn’t get
                                    Why the Chamber of Commerce contract will cost
                                      taxpayers $2,087,200 over the next 20 years)
        September 15, 2006

        NSN_54.pdf (No memorial for ‘Chief’ Buehler, just an “identification element”)
        September 26, 2006

        NSN_55.pfd (The Anti-Pork Amendment and the myth of “Public/Private Partnerships”)
        October 11, 2006

        NSN_56.pdf (Chamber gets the cream - city employees get table scraps)
        October 24, 2006

        NSN_57.pdf (Chamber gave away a $280,000 building to the Forestry Service?
                                and now they want Rolla taxpayers pay for the building twice!)
        Novembe 26, 2006

        NSN_58.pdf  (Desperately Seeking Sales Taxes)
        February 2, 2007

        NSN_59.pdf(Development for Dummies
                              Chapter three: Creating a CID taxing district)
        February 19, 2007

        NSN_60.pdf(The Development Agreement - another "tool in our toolbox")
        March 16, 2007

        NSN_61.pdf (RMU blinked - but not enough)
        March 27, 2007

        NSN_62.pdf ( TDD - a Private Sales Tax for Big Landowners)
        April 9, 2007

        NSN_63.pdf(Part II: Rolla West Bypass is NOT on MoDOT's list!)
        April 16, 2007

        NSN_64.pdf(More Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them)
        May 4, 2007

        NSN_65.pdf (They came...they heard...they ran
                             Council refused to talk with constituents about RMU rates)
        June 1, 2007

        NSN_66.pdf (It's his private business?)
        June 18, 2007

        NSN_67.pdf (Conflict of Interest alive and well in Rolla West project)
     July 11, 2007

     NSN_68.pdf(Watson reveals MoPEP investments total HALF BILLION!
                                RMU board concealed massive debt loaded into electric rates)
     July 23, 2007

       NSN_69.pdf(Mayor Jenks has Hissy Fit
                              Mayoral order forbids all talk of MoPEP contract!)
        August 11, 2007
        September 26, 2007

        NSN_71.pdf  (How could she tell...she's just a beautician)
        November 13, 2007

        NSN_72.pdf (Why is Walgreens ripping Rolla off?)
        December 24, 2007

        NSN 73.pdf  (RCDC "Pillars of the Community" get a whitewash)
        March 19,2008

        NSN 74.pdf  (Council considers another "Don't ask, don't tell" RMU contract
                                 RMU board withholds key documents from Council, fears terrorist plot )
        May 30, 2008

        NSN 75.pdf  (C.O.R.E.?s fundraiser Major D. Hammett II, being sued for bank
                             fraud )
        July 10,2008

       NSN 76.pdf  (New Council Conduct creates Uniform Standard of Stupidity
                             for Rolla City Council members)
       September 8, 2008

        NSN 77.pdf ( "Now is not the time'")
        February 9, 2009

         NSN 79.pdf     ( RDN poll slaps city GOB‘s in the face)
        July 23, 2009

        NSN_80.pdf (The EEZelots strike again - Part 1
                               All of St. James now is officially ?blighted?? Rolla
        September 7, 2009

        NSN_81.pdf(The EEZelots strike again - Part 2  )
        September 26, 2009

        NSN_82.pdf (EEZ or nothing? Who decided the EEZ
                                                          was our only choice?)
        October 13, 2009

        NSN 83.pdf  (he City EEZ hearing wasn't the last word after all
                               Advice to politico's: When they start having "No EEZ" tee-shirts
                                printed up it's a really bad sign)
        October 20, 2009

        NSN_84 pdf  (Drooling for Dollars:
                                                         City Council hands out
                                              2010 pork to Rolla's corporate freeloaders)
        Februry 12, 2010

                                                        The April 6, 2010 ballot issues - Part 1)
        April 6, 2010

                                The April 6, 2010 ballot issues - Part 2)
        April 3, 2010

         NSN_87 pdf   (The RMU "Slime Brief"  "Like nasty little boys scribbling on toilet walls.")

        May 18, 2010