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NSN believes that it is the responsibility of each citizen to become informed voters and participate in the decisions which affect their lives and influence community values.
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 How long are you going to let chicken-killing dogs stink up your place?

Very important news you didn't see in the Rolla Daily News and why. Thursday, October 27th was a very good day.  I opened up my computer and I saw the two following press releases. I had been expecting both because I've been following the case that started this chain of events since 2006 when some citizens in Hermann Missouri filed a class-action lawsuit against their city government for pumping up their utility rates and skimming off the `profits' to use to subsidize the city budget and other non utility uses. You know, the same way Rolla uses inflated utility `profits' to subsidize the city budget and pass money under the table to buy buildings to give to RCDC and subsidize RREC's failed economic development schemes and other pork projects.  


NSN Vol 2 Number 88 November 15, 2010

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Map of the Proposed
City/County Enhanced Enterprise Zone


Remember you paid for it.
This is part of the new Lions Club Drive known as 'JOE'S ROAD'
It’s good to be the Mayor. We found another Morgan ‘accomplishment’ hiding in the closed session minutes for May 16, 2005. They tell that Public Works Director Steve Hargis used visual aids to identify two acres owned by Joseph and Molly Morgan along Joe’s Road.  This is the same new street that has a brand new one quarter mile long 7 foot tall cedar fence smack up against the sidewalk which is smack up against the partial road. You’ve got to go look at it, it looks freaking ridiculous. The fence is the product of an agreement between the city and the mayor and it cost the city taxpayers $24,721.63 and now they will have the cost of maintaining it forever.  Staff (that’s just Hargis) requested authorization to purchase Tract 3 for the development of the proposed bike trail extension along Deible Creek that runs through Joe’s subdivision. Hargis told the Council that staff (that’s still Hargis) is proposing to pay a total of $29,126.33 for Morgan’s two acres.  A motion was made by Matt Williams and seconded by Don Barklage to offer the Mayor and his wife $29,126.33 for their two acres as recommended by the Mayor’s Director of Public Works (that’s Hargis).  The roll call vote was unanimous. This transaction was not reported in the “news” paper. The Mayor ‘accomplished’ a total of $53,847.96 and a free road to his subdivision out of the city’s pocket and the project isn’t even done yet. And he couldn’t think of anything he’d accomplished but planting petunias.

Chart with the summary of RMU’s income, expenses and giveaways for the last five years.


“Debt Service Levy Analysis” prepared by George K. Baum for the Rolla School District

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The Rolla School Board Information Site

NSN is proud to make available to you,
Hail to "The Chief": A Special Tribute to Dr. Henry Andrew Buehler
by Lois Ann Marler 
View and download this "Special Tribute" ---------

Can the sale of this beautiful park be stopped once again?
A memorial to one of Rolla's great benefactors
"Chief" Henry Andrew Buehler
Will the Mayor and City Council dishonor this great man?

"It is understood that the above described real estate is conveyed to the City of Rolla, Missouri for Park purposes only and none other, and to be known as Buehler Park."

Attempted Covenant Breaking

This is Mayor Joe Morgan

He will not be satisfied until Buehler Park is sold and destroyed by concrete and asphalt. He has been obsessed with selling this park ever since he was sworn into office in May 1998.

He has even blocked a referendum vote of the people in this matter.

Why does he want to sell this park? He says, "Because it's good commercial property."
Read about his latest attempt to sell  Buehler Park----
The Rape of Buehler Park – again
Update: Read about his $1,000,000 bounty on selling Buehler Park -------    PDF

View the Rolla City Council Agenda 
View the Rolla City Council Packet 

More sales tax!  More Real estate tax!
More Personal Property Tax!
Will it ever end?
Worry! Worry! Worry! 


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