VE Test Session Results

Saturday, 5 March 2011




Today the Rolla VE Team administered 12 tests to 6 examinees.


Congratulations to the following on their successful completion

of the Amateur Radio Service examinations:


Richard Musser, Jr - Technician

William A. Bone - Technician

David K. Conradi - Technician

Colin B. Stagner - Technician

Logan Meyer - Technician


Respectfully Submitted,


Joe Counsil, K0OG

Rolla, Missouri VE Team Liason, ARRL-VEC


Thanks to the VE Team Members:

Dave Bridges (KC0AES)

Steve Miller (N6RHQ)

Dave Bates (KF0XQ)

Gary Taggart (KF0TW)


Pictures taken by Joe (K0OG).

Pentax K100D Super digital SLR,

Vivitar-A 28mm f2.8 lens, ISO400.

imgp3295_small.jpg imgp3295a_small.jpg imgp3296_small.jpg imgp3296a_small.jpg
imgp3298_small.jpg imgp3300_small.jpg imgp3299_small.jpg imgp3302_small.jpg
imgp3303_small.jpg imgp3304_small.jpg imgp3305_small.jpg imgp3306_small.jpg

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