VE Test Session Results

Saturday, 6 March 2010




Congratulations to the following for earning new licenses or upgrades:


Benjamin Cook - Technician

Michael Homeyer - Technician

Daniel Cybulski (KB2UBJ) - General & Extra

Douglas Kelly (KC0LDA) - General & Extra

Nick Pegg - Technician

Ina McKune - Technician

Tuo Zhao - Technician

Jerry Wells - Technician

Kenneth Birkmann (WA0NVT) - Extra

Terence Satchell - Technician

Fei Ren - Technician

William Deason - Technician

Joshua Mooney (KD0IWL) - Extra

Jerry Gibbons - Technician


Respectfully Submitted,


Joe Counsil, K0OG

Rolla, Missouri VE TEam Liason, ARRL-VEC


Thanks to the VE Team Members:

Peter Hahn (WB9KHR)

Dave Bridges (KC0AES)

Gary Taggart (KF0TW)

Dave Bates (KF0XQ)

Steve Miller (N6RHQ)


Pictures taken by Joe, K0OG

imgp0628_small.jpg imgp0629_small.jpg imgp0630_small.jpg imgp0631_small.jpg
imgp0632_small.jpg imgp0633_small.jpg imgp0638_small.jpg imgp0638b_small.jpg
imgp0634_small.jpg imgp0635_small.jpg imgp0636_small.jpg imgp0637_small.jpg
imgp0639_small.jpg imgp0640_small.jpg imgp0641_small.jpg imgp0642_small.jpg
imgp0643_small.jpg imgp0644_small.jpg imgp0645_small.jpg imgp0646_small.jpg
imgp0647_small.jpg imgp0648_small.jpg imgp0649_small.jpg imgp0650_small.jpg
imgp0651_small.jpg imgp0652_small.jpg

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