RRARS Fall 2017 Foxhunt!

DATE: Saturday, 30 September 2016

TIME: 1400-1600 hrs.

Everyone is invited! You do not need a license to participate

The frequency will be 146.000 MHZ simplex.

Duration: 2 hours

Location within 1 mile city limits of Rolla.

The first hour the fox will transmit at 5 watts, from 61 to 90 minutes will be 2.5 watts, from 90-110 will be 1 watt, and 111-120 minutes will be at 0.5 watts.

During the hunt I will remain stationary and will request for confirmation that I am being heard at times, and will give a hint. I will transmit for 1 minute every 15 minutes until located or timed out.

Registration is requested, not required.
Registration: Please contact Mike, KE0ARR, ke0arr@arrl.net, or on-air.

Teams are allowed.

And everyone have fun!

P.S. See the following for information about the Spring 2017 Fox Hunt.