Repeater Work Day
17 November 2001

Pictures by Minnie (NAØV) & Joe (KØOG)

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  1. Repeater shack & gravel pile
  2. Eric (KIØRR) & Homer (KAØSQJ) shovelling gravel
  3. Minnie (NAØV) supervising the operation
  4. Happy Tom! (KB9ZBO)
  5. Mike (KCØLCW) & Eric (KIØRR) also supervising
  6. Peter (NØXZN) outfitted for tower climb
  7. Clinton (KCØLIR) & Tom (KB9ZBO) helping at tower
  8. Mike (KCØLCW), Eric (KIØRR), & Joe (KØOG) planning installation of beam
  9. Peter (NØXZN) on tower positioning mounting bracket
  10. Clinton (KCØLIR) & Peter (NØXZN) attaching bracket
  11. Peter (NØXZN) & Clinton (KCØLIR) finishing attachment while Homer (KAØSQJ - holding beam) & Tom (KB9ZBO - holding hoisting rope) watch
  12. Tom (KB9ZBO) pulling his weight
  13. Joe (KØOG) preparing support rope & Homer (KAØSQJ) holding beam
  14. Peter (NØXZN), Clinton (KCØLIR), & Joe (KØOG) attaching beam to bracket
  15. Closeup of bracket attachment (Peter, Clinton, & Joe)
  16. Finished remote-base beam mount at WØGS site