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Who are the Rampagers? We are an international group of DIEHARD Ram fans that discuss thier fortunes on a monitored list. The Rampagers are:

1. International Membership. Rampagers are actually 2 sites, and in Scotland. We service Ram Fans all over the world. We are non-profit, but do offer paid memberships, and 25% of all paid memberships go to Rams Charities.

2. A listserv ( The Rampagers) A listserv is a way to e-mail a lot of people at once. The downside is that we generate a lot of mail, the up-side is that we are more like family than a bunch of strangers. While a listserv is not as convenient as a Bulletin Board, it is more policable for behavior and post contents. When Rampagers join they agree to a set of rules of behavior, which means that the site is rated PG.

Here are the rules:
No profanity
No sexually explicit or demeaning language
- No racially derogatory comments
- No comments that degrade Rampagers as individuals ( feel free to disagree with their views, of course (-;
- Lay off when someone asks you to lay off.
- Offer an apology if someone feels something you write is personally insulting and get on with positive exchanges.

So you want to be a Rampager?


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