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If you have any questions, or would like to request a quote, by email or regular mail, Phoenix Web Works promises a prompt response. 

Phoenix Web Works 

Phoenix Web Works 
1205 Hwy. 32 East
P.O. Box 857
Salem, Mo.  65560-857 

    When  provided with the following information via    email Quotes are quickly furnished: 
  • Target clientele (gender, businesses, families, average age etc.)
  • Your Type of business (wholesale, retail, service etc.)
  • An estimated number of pages that you will need.
  • The amount of copy your organization intends to furnish. 
  • An estimated amount of copy to be written by Phoenix Web Works.
  • Your Goals for a Web Site. (direct sales, technical support, brand or firm  recognition, etc.) 
  • Any additional information that you deem pertinent to your company or  a Web Site should be included for an accurate quote on your  project. 

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