By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2005



            Delorme has done the Impossible. They have improved the Street Atlas 2005 by releasing 2006 A tremendous enhancement to a product that I thought was close to flawless.


           There are two versions available Street Atlas USA 2006 This is an extensive update including more that 268000 additional roads, POI (Points of Interest) have been widely updated and each is GPS accurate.  POI’s are Locations on the map of specific locations of Interest.  Such as Hospitals, ATM machines, Police Departments, Fire stations, train stations, In Major metropolitan areas Subway stops and stations are given as well.  Restaurants are visible as are Gas Stations. Just about anything that you could want or need while you are on the road can be displayed on the map. If it is not, you can add it what you need using the Draw capability. There is an amazing GPS (Global Positioning System) capability including GPS voice.


            “Street Atlas USA 2006 Plus” includes all the features of the standard “Street Atlas USA 2006” But adds features that are ideal for the frequent traveler, or the business traveler. One of the enhancements is the addition of 116 million free residential phone listings, and 31 million Business listings.


            GPS capability has never been better.  I have reviewed several other Mapping programs, but Delorme’s programs are truly superior. Now they have added “Ease of Use” to this spectacular program by making the visual presentation not only more appealing, but more simple to use.  The EZ-Nav toolbar that is located across the top of the map allows you to easily make a new route to a new destination, or select a destination from the address book (that you set up ahead of time). 


            In actual use, I have activated the GPS antenna and chosen an address from my address book. A route was determined on the fly, and I was given verbal instructions by my computer to get me to the location.  Upcoming turns are announced, and simultaneously there is an automatic Zoom in to highlight the turn required.  I tell you the only way this could be simpler is to have a member of the Delorme staff sitting in your car and giving you your directions.  Using the “Street Atlas USA 2006 or 2006 Plus “Is the next best thing.  In a few weeks I will review the Earthmate LT 20 GPS antenna” (Which by the way is Outstanding). And the Street Atlas 2006 handheld.


            For more information on these outstanding products, go to www.delorme.com and browse through the product section. You will be amazed. Tell them PC Primer sent you… Buy any of these, I Promise you won’t be sorry.




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