By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2005



This week I have a product that will the answer to the prayers of many frequent travelers.This is a chance to use your wireless computer to access the Internet the way you intended to use it - Wirelessly. All you need (in addition to your Wirelessly equipped laptop). is the WiFlyer from always on Wireless.You can of course use this Router on a desktop, and have the same outstanding results.


The WiFlyer is a very small unit that allows you to convert your incoming internet signal into a wireless signal.What is so outstanding is that this works not only for a connection that comes in by cable, you can also connect this to a telephone line and have wireless computing available from a dial up connection.


This becomes very important to those wanting to get away from the hard hotel chair stuck in front of a small desk in the corner of the room.Now you can plug the unit into the supply source (of the Internet Signal) and sit in the big fluffy chair or alternatively, sit on the bed in front of the TV and do your computing. Now you can set up and use more than one computer receiving the signal.The Wireless capability can be used by any wireless computer within the range of the signal.


Of course this capability is not limited to travelers, but can be used any where that wireless is needed and there is a signal source.†† Broadband users are no longer the only ones that can use wireless this amazing piece of technology will allow anyone with a phone connection to the internet to experience the freedom of wireless.


The unit which is very small, is simplicity to use.Plug it into a wall socket for power and then plug in either your Broad band or telephone line to the appropriate fitting on the back of the unit. Bang!You have wireless. There is no requirement to load any information from a CD .If you are using dialup, there will be a screen asking you for the phone number of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and your log-in name and your password.This is the same info you use for calling in to the Internet from your phone.


The CD that is provided is full of information . There is a manual and a quick start guide, as well as dial-up firmware and Broadband firmware should you ever need it. There is also a Quick start guide that is very well written and easy to understand. I recommend reading it as it will answer most of your questions. For any additional information I recommend going to www.alwaysonwireless.com .


I am very impressed with the quality of the unit and how well and easily it does itís job. This is a tremendous advance for all computing. Get this one, I promise you wonít regret it.


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