By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2005



Networking!   A year ago I would have said; “Don’t even try to get me involved in creating a network, it is just too hard.” I used to shutter at the thought of having to set up or work with a network setup on a computer system. Now, I laugh at the foolishness of my original fears. small office and home networks are a piece of cake.


            Networks and their setup can be simple if you have the right equipment and confidence. You can get both from “NetGear” www.netgear.com . I am using a PCMCIA networking card in a laptop that is compatible with the 10/100 Mbps PCI card that is on the office desktop computer.  As a matter of fact I have been able to use the PCMCIA card connection to connect to several other network cards in several computers there is nothing to it.


            My main system has Microsoft Windows XP Professional as the operating system. The Laptop is running Windows XP Home. Setting up the network on both systems was as simple as could be and very very efficient. Working with XP was the easy, and then connecting to  ME machines was flawless. It is simply a matter of installing the cards and software and following directions.


            The manufacturer of the cards appears to be a non-issue, as I have connected equally well with many generic cards that were in other machines, so all is well with cross computer compatibility. Once you have access to the companion computer, you will see the availability listed under the “My Network Places” The first thing you will notice a folder for shared documents. I was disappointed at first that everything was not available for my use.


            I am herewith giving information that I have not been able to find anywhere, but was learned by trial and error.  On one computer, right click on the icon for any of your drives on that computer.  One of the choices you will find on the drop down menu will be “Sharing” (“Sharing and Security” on Windows XP) clicking on this will present you with an additional screen. Here you will find options for sharing the files on that drive with the connected computer.  I personally have selected to share all drives on both computers as well as all printers.  This way I can send data from either computer to the other.


            NetGear has made my networking setup work. I am using a RP114 router that is pure magic. There is also a starter kit available that includes all the cables, cards and router that will make quick work of the expansion.  Point your browser to www.netgear.com and see all that there is to help you.  Believe me, with the help available from NetGear products, you can do it yourself! Try this, I am sure you won’t regret it !



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