By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2005




As a reviewer of computer products, I am sent quite an array of products to test. I suppose I am the envy of each and every “gadget guru” that I Know. Last weeks MP3 Glasses from Oakley were right up there on the top of my list of great products. I received this week another really superlative product that will make you drool. (If you are into quality gadgets).


I have received a Swiss Knife from Swissbit.  Not just your everyday Swiss Army Knife, This one called “SWISSMEMORY USB Victornox ruby RED”  What really makes it outstanding is the fact that  this knife has a USB memory  device installed in it that allow me to have a gigabyte of memory available to me wherever I choose to take it. I know what you are thinking and Swissbit is ahead of you. The memory portion of the knife is removable (very easily) for the times that you need to fly.


The memory is recognized immediately when plugged into a computer using the Windows XP Operating system. So no driver install is required.  There is a driver disk supplied just in case you need to use the device with a prior operating system.


The “SWISSMEMORY USB “is available in 128 Meg, 256 Meg, 512 Meg and 1 Gig.  For more information go to www.oregonknifeshop.com  for full information and prices for the various sizes. This unit is spectacular with a really good blade, a ball point pen, a screwdriver, a Nail file and a really neat flashlight.   For other sources of information go to Google and type in ( in the search line) – Swissmemory USB ruby RED.  Here you will get a variety of locations that offer this superior product and can compare prices.


That brings up a great point. . .  When you are looking for anything, just “Google it” and I swear you will find it.  First thing you ought to do is make sure that you have local search invoked on your Google page. (This will list almost any classification you might want locally). Say you want a Pizza; if you go to Google, type Pizza Hut Rolla,MO (Or any where else you happen to want information about) You will receive a very rapid response to your request. You will get the address of the location you requested as well as  the phone number and even see a map of the location you choose.


This works for anything.  Local churches? Sure just bring up Google Local and type Church’s Rolla Mo (or where ever you are interested in) in my case I found 635 church’s in .020 seconds.  All the address’ and phone numbers and in most cases the times of the services and additional information.  Google will totally eliminate the need for telephone information calling.  And Google is Free, faster and more adaptable. I can’t think of a single negative factor in the Google empire. They are very smart and very astute business people. Go to any search line and type in a question in normal format. Ask for the time in timbuctu? Firstly I was asked if I meant:  The current time in Timbuktu - northeast Mali, Mali ... Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Wed Jul 27 03:16:29 2005 ... Google answered my question and even corrected my spelling! Where was this when I was doing homework? Wow what a concept!

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