By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2005



This weeks review is about a really special product, and is related to the computer

 Industry by its usage and its adaptability.  I am reviewing an MP3 player. Not just any MP3 player, this one is exceptional.


I have a pair of Glasses from Oakley that include an MP3 Player built into the frames. The control buttons for the MP3 player are also in the frames including ear bud speakers that adjust to your particular physical attributes. The On off switch is the middle button on the right earpiece, the other two buttons are for previous song or next song.  The left arm of the frame holds the volume up and down buttons. 



The glasses are all that you would expect from Oakley, very well made and visually attractive.  They are without question the best sun glasses I have ever adorned. They have instant identity recognition. If you want the latest in enhancing your image, this is the pair of glasses you want to be seen wearing!


As MP3 Players go, this one has them all beat, for simplicity, adaptability, and convenience.  The speakers are exceptional. The sound is clear and crisp and the adjustable location of the speakers allows for maximum sound and comfort at the same time. The control features are a chinch to master. And they offer the maximum flexibility of your Oakley’s



Using the MP3 device is simplicity itself. Put on the glasses, turn them on adjust the individual speakers to your ears, set the volume and forget that the rest of the world exists. Put these on; Turn these on, and you are Instantly Cool!


The Original Oakley’s came in 124 Meg of RAM and my set has 256 Meg of RAM.  There is an additional set available with 512 Meg of RAM.   I have 87 full songs saved in the MP3 format on my Oakleys that have the 256 Meg.  I can listen to them any time I want and choose if they will be in a determined sequence, or random.  


Loading the music is a breeze; you connect the Oakley’s to your computer via a provided USB cable. When you have the software loaded, all you have to do is plug in the cable and access the drive screen. Then it is a simple matter of adding mp3 file by drag and drop. Once you add a song to the list it goes into the MP3 device. Remove one from the computer screen (while the device is attached) and the file is removed. The plug in with the USB is also the charging method.  Once fully charged there is between 6 and 8 hours of battery life when they get low just recharge them,


For more information and a look at these splendid Oakleys, go to www.oakley.com and just follow the lead to the “THUMPS” I am sure that if you like music, and wear Sun Glasses. You will be astounded. These are superior. This is the way to be cool!

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