By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2005


Wow, I have a new favorite computer accessory. I have a USB 2.0 Drive Kit from ADS Tech.  www.adstech.com and I am delighted with it.


The design of the USBX-804 kit allows you to take an existing hard drive (that could be a hard drive from an old computer you have replaced with a newer computer) and convert it into an external USB connected hard drive that you can use to move data and store files. As an external USB connected Drive it becomes a portable hard drive that can be connected to any USB capable computer.


When to use a previously installed hard drive, all you have to do is to look at the pin settings at the end of the hard drive.  Most times the pins will be set as a “Master”. There will be a different set of pins that are used if the drive will be a “slave” (this is a drive that will not normally have an operating system and is controlled by the “Master”.  To make the drive a “Slave” just change the pins according to the small chart on the front of the drive.  Your best choices would be a setting for “Slave” or use the CS setting (The CS setting means: “Computer Select”) and allows the computer to decide what drive letter to use. (This is always a wise choice when indicating anything other than Master).


The kit has a very attractive metal and hardened plastic box that is appropriately wired for the inclusion of the hard drive. The hard drive is placed into the box and connected to the ribbon cable connection that is already installed  in the Kit, (already wired for use) take a few of the provided screws and secure the hard drive in place then slide the cover back on, screw it down securely with the provided screws.  Now attach one end of the provided cable to the exterior of the box and the other end plugs into one of the USB outlets on your computer.


Your computer will recognize a new addition and assign the new hardware a drive letter as an identifier.  Your internal hard drive with the operating system will normally be the C: drive. Then if you have a CD –ROM drive it will normally be the D: drive, If you have a  DVD drive attached, it  will be the next letter up the line, or the E: drive.  This method is followed for each additional drive that you might have attached to a machine. My present main machine has drives listed up to drive M:. 


The drive kit is a chinch to install should take less than ten minutes and that includes reading the manual that accompanies the kit.  The USB 2.0 Drive Kit is a super product, and carries a recommended retail price of $129.00 and it is well worth the price.  Take a look at the Web site www.adstech.com and I am sure that you will be as impressed as I am.



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