By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2004



            I owe credit for this week’s software find; to a very dear friend that insisted that I look at it. I’m glad that I did. Ok, it’s not magic, but it is pretty darn close. I have been working with a new product (new to me anyway) called “Fine Print” from a company named oddly enough “Fine Print”  The company was founded in 95 as an aid to programmers to allow for the efficient printing of massive numbers of pages, for easy perusal.  The end result is a really great printing product that really rocks.


            One of the outstanding capabilities of the program is its ability to conserve. You can save on time space and paper. If you need to compress a document into a manageable size then use “Fine Print” to print two for or eight pages of information onto one piece of standard paper. I find that eight pages per sheet reduces the print size below my capability to read the text. However, four pages works quite well.  This is really great for the nine page newsletter I receive weekly. I can now reduce the bulk and still have a readable document. This is cool!


            Another super feature is the ability to turn the multi page document into a booklet. This takes all your pages, reduces them to fit on half a page, and then prints them in an order that allows them to be assembled into a 5X7 booklet that is exceptionally convenient, and attractive.  This works with printers that print on both sides automatically or on the normal single sided printer (requiring you to reinsert the pages one time).  The process is astounding. It takes a bit longer than normal printing, but when you consider the manipulation required, you will be impressed.  I marvel at the configuration of the page layout to make it all come out in order. This is really something.


            The program has so many features that it is difficult to pass on all the good stuff. There is a print preview, an ink saver that allows you to skip over the printing of graphics if you choose, forms and letter heads, combine print jobs, Paper scaling and on and on.  Tell you what. Instead of me telling you, take a trip over to their web page www.fineprint.com. Download a trial version for yourself and I just bet that you will be willing to fork over the $49.95 for the full version. The trial version is great, but it prints a small banner ad for Fine Print across the bottom of each page. If you pay up and register the banner ad goes away.



            This is really a great product that I am sure that you will fine useful Give it a try I am sure that you won’t be sorry. In the next few weeks I will tell you about Fine Print’s other great product called the pdf Factory. Wow, another blockbuster!

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