By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2004

 What can you do when you discover that you or someone else using your computer has erased the most valuable files from your hard drive? Ok, other than cry? Ok other than getting really really angry as well?  

I have a solution for you. Simply go to the listing of programs that pop up from the start button, look for the program named Undelete (a product of Executive Software). Open the program, and go to the file folder that the missing file was listed in, find the listing, and highlight it. Choose restore and your irreplaceable file has been returned to the condition it was in when it was deleted. 

What's that you say? You don't own "Undelete" from Executive software? Well just sit down and have a good cry. It won't recover the file, but you are very close to a real disaster. There is a fairly good chance that you can still save yourself. If you purchase "undelete" you can do an Emergency Undelete that allows retrieval of files deleted before Undelete was installed, provided they haven't been overwritten.  

Why you need Undelete; Accidental and malicious file deletions are a fact of life. Without Undelete 4.0, restoring these files means a time-consuming, expensive restoration from tape backup. And if the file was created and deleted between backups, if the tape is corrupted, or if you have no backup system to begin with, your file is gone and you're out of luck. 

You can download the trial version of Undelete 4.0 from the Executive software web site www.executivesoftware.com . The cost is $29.95 for the download edition (no CD will be sent). The professional version (including the CD) is $39.95 I use the Professional version and will not be without it. 

Version 4.0 of Undelete is especially easy to use. The major improvement over version 2.0 (my last version) is that all the deleted files show up in similar folders as the files from which they were deleted. These files however reside in the recovery bin and require being selected and sent back to active service. This is the way it should be.  

Since I first received this updated product, I have been able to recover files that were removed months ago, I have even had the confidence to delete important files on purpose just so I could recover them. 

If you have a computer, you need "undelete" from Executive Software. I Love it and from this moment on, I won't be without it. It's that good !

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