By R.L. Creighton

Copyright 2003



It’s not just “Smoke & Mirrors”! It is not magic of any type!  It is just one of the super capabilities of the Windows Operating system’s ME & XP.  What am I talking about you ask? Good question, it appears not many people know about the “Restore” feature of the last two operating systems from Microsoft.


I estimate that close to half of the problems I am faced with could be resolved without my intervention if users would just use “System Restore”. A full half solved by re-installing the problematic software and the small percentage that is left require individual attention.


“System Restore” is capable of reverting your computer back to an earlier time!  Look at it this way. You turn on your computer and discover that a family member has “cleaned up” your computer, removed all the junk, just to help you out. In the process you lost the only copy of memos from work that are vital to your promotion. Solution - use “System Restore” to the find the last good configuration of your system. Choose “Restore” from a list and sit tight until the computer recovers all the data from several days previous. Once the computer re-boots, all is well, everything is as it was. (A good system backup could have prevented this problem in the first place).


Or , today you discover a virus that was not there yesterday, (same answer “System Restore” will revert your computer to a state that existed before the virus attack) Now you need to make sure that you don’t follow the same steps to get re-infected, and proceed normally. (I would check my anti-virus program as well).


Do you see a trend here?  “System Restore” is activated as a default with “ME” and “XP” operating systems when you have a problem all you have to do is go to the start button then to the “all programs” listing, then to the “accessories” file, and find “system Tools” click on “system Tools” and select the “System Restore” listing, ( it should be the last one on the system tools drop down menu.


Choosing “System Restore” will bring up a screen offering two choices. “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and “Create a restore point” when you make the first choice you get a calendar on the screen with the days highlighted that a recovery image had been made. Select the day of your choice and click next. Read and follow the on screen directions. In a few moments you will have solved the problem. You will be so proud of yourself… Believe me…


If and when you have your computer to a “perfect condition” (I know that this is a myth) you can use the second option to Create a restore point. Use the same process to get to the screen offering the -create a restore point choice and select that option. You will see a screen asking for a name you want to apply to help remember that this is a great recovery point. Make a name for it, hit next and wait for the on screen direction. You are now a qualified computer nerd. You are ready for any disaster well almost!


Try this, you can do it… (if your operating system is win 98 or earlier tough break, call for assistance).


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