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vi Editor

The vi Editor is shipped with virtually every "flavor" of UNIX! Therefore, its the perfect choice for administrators, engineers, and technicians who install and configure UNIX servers and workstations.

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vi Editor commands

q!Quit, exit without saving.
wqWrite and quit, save and exit.
EscReturn to command mode.
Ctrl-CInterrupt a search or global command.
Ctrl-GFile status.
Ctrl-LRedraw screen.
Ctrl-VInput a literal character.
Ctrl-WMove to next screen.
Ctrl-ZSuspend editor.
Ctrl-[Leave input made.
Ctrl-CtrlSwitch to previous file.
$Move to last column.
%Move to match.
&Repeat substitution.
'Move to mark (first nonblank).
(Move back a sentence.
)Move forward a sentence.
+Move down by lines (first nonblank).
,Repeat last F, f ,T, or t search.
-Move up by lines (first nonblank).
.Repeat last command.
/Search forward.
0Move to a space, move right by columns.
;Repeat last F, f ,T, or t search.
{Move back a paragraph.
}Move forward a paragraph.
~Reverse case.
?Search backwards.
@Execute buffer.
aAppend after cursor.
bMove back a word.
iInsert before cursor.
jMove down by lines.
kMove up by lines.
mSet mark.
nRepeat last search.
oAppend after line.
pInsert from buffer.
rReplace character.
sSubstitute character.
uUndo last change.
xDelete character.
zRedraw window.
AAppend to the line.
FCharacter in line backward search.
HMove to count lines from screen top.
IInsert at line beginning.
LMove to screen bottom.
MMove to screen middle.
QQuit to ex mode.
RReplace characters.
URestore the current line.
YCopy line.
ZZSave file and exit.

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