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Temple of Wicca

Basic Wiccan Altar

Here is a very basic Wiccan altar with an explanation of the objects:

1. God Candle - A candle lit to honor the God of your choice. The God Candle should be white, and the opposite color of the Goddess candle.

2. God Statue or Picture - A statue or picture of the God you relate to most, such as Odin or Cernunnos.

3. Cakes - A traditional food used during rituals.

4. Chalice or Goblet - A cup filled with wine or juice.

5. Goddess Statue or Picture - A statue or picture of the Goddess, such as Freya or Cerridwen.

6. Goddess Candle - A candle lit to honor the Goddess of your choice. The Goddess candle should be black, the opposite color of the God candle.

7. Incense - To create ambience.

8. Athame - The Sacred knife, used to direct energy in creating or erecting the circle or temple

9. Wand - Also used to direct energies.

10. Pentacle - Usually ceramic, the Pentacle is used for grounding the energies.

11. Water Bowl - The water is used for cleansing.

12. Salt Bowl - Used with water for cleansing.

13. Bell - Used to provide ambience or to mark rituals or chants.

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