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September 1998
Vol. 1 No. 12 Page 3

Our First Print Issue...

by Mark Lesch
Contracts & Conflicts has been produced for almost one year. In that time, Thom, Gary and I have received many comments about the quality of information included in Contracts & Conflicts, the great majority of which have been positive. A few of our readers have complained about trying to print out the articles and the problems they have encountered.

Last month, at the computer class held before the Tuesday session of the 61st Biennial NALC National Convention, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, NALC Director of Education Ralph Goldstein showed some screen shots of various NALC web sites he had visited, among them Contracts & Conflicts. Although Ralph seemed to like the site and the information contained therein, he did comment about "the pages being too long." An idea formed in the head of this writer.

I suggested that we try to produce an edition of Contracts & Conflicts each month in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). That way, anyone with the Adobe Acrobat Reader could read and print out the newsletter fairly easily. I volunteered to do the layout and conversion to PDF, and you are looking at our first effort.

If you were expecting to see fancy type or eye-searing graphics, you will be disappointed. Remember that I, like most of our readers, am a working letter carrier, lugging the mail 40+ hours a week all while working as secretary/editor for my branch.

However, if any of our readers has a talent for graphic drawing, design, or has an article or item they would like to submit, we would love to hear from you. Use the e-mail addresses on Page 2 to contact the editors.

Naturally this paper will evolve along the same lines as the online version of Contracts & Conflicts, so we invite your comments, both favorable and critical, at any time. Again, use the e-mail addresses on Page 2 to let us know how you feel.    -Mark Lesch-

Mark Lesch has been a letter carrier for 17 years, and also serves as secretary/editor for Branch 1439, Ontario,California, as well as legislative liaison for California's 40th Congressional District.


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