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This issue of Contracts & Conflicts marks a milestone in our efforts to give you an online newsletter letter carriers can turn to for answers, opinions and information. It is the 12th one we have produced since its inception last year.

For Gary, Mark and I this has come as quite an accomplishment. From the beginning we weren't sure how many, how long or how much we would be doing, but as we look back the picture is more clear now.

Contracts & Conflicts was developed as an answer to complaints being posted on Postal Talk about a lack of information. Although it certainly isn't meant to be the defacto supplier to that complaint, it has provided some very good answers to questions.

So, where do we go from here? For starters, and this shouldn't be interpreted as anything but a breather for us, we are going to cut back on the number of issues produced. Each month working to give you the best we possibly could is very difficult.

Many of you have seen my appeals to Postal Talk and through Gary's mailing list for contributors. I thought that we would be inundated with them. We weren't. From issue to issue you most likely see the same writers (editors not included), and might ask yourself why.

Well, it is because that these writers you are reading are the ones giving us material that covers the "turf" we think should be covered. Anyone writing doesn't have to be an exceptionally sharp author who is witty with words. Valuable and important contributions could come from someone sending "cuts" from obscure handbooks or manuals that are affecting carriers.

Many of the ideas I have selected for publication come from the complaints I read about on Postal Talk or through questions posted to Gary's mail list. Once the question is posed I look into the manuals for an answer. It is much easier for one to copy something from our manuals or contract as opposed to writing a personal note about it.

Around the country many branches are winning some monumental Next Column

grievances that involve large payouts of money. That is worth writing about. How did you win the grievance? What was used to determine the success? How did your branch react? How did you react?

We will continue to give you a high-quality newsletter. How can we not after reading Lori Oritz's, NALC Branch No. 1439, Ontario, CA, comments in the August issue of the 1439er, (Mark Lesch editor)?

"This is a monthly online newsletter with our own Mark Lesch as a contributing editor. It includes articles from many fellow NALC members. The OWCP article in the June/July branch newsletter was originally found here. I personally find this to be a very informative newsletter and feel it is a must read for all letter carriers."

Ya' just can't beat that logic. Thank you Lori. Even further, at the 61st Biennial Convention in Las Vegas, NV during the computer workshop, Ralph Goldstein, director of education, NALC, made several very complimentary comments about Contracts & Conflicts. The ovation we received was nice too. Thanks to all at that meeting, and to Ralph for recognizing our work when others in the right places don't. (Ralph -- the AOL disk is in the mail. See Scott Bell for it.)

A year ago I told you that we intended to provide you with a PDF version of Contracts & Conflicts. Hopefully as you read this you can also download the initial version of this venture.

If you have any questions please direct them towards me. Over the last year I have received several questions about work situations and I have either answered them using my resources or diverted them to others that I know are knowledgeable. We are here for you and want to remain that way. Thank you for a great first year. - thom zoostew green

Brother Green is a 26 year member of Summit City Branch No. 116, Fort Wayne, IN. He is editor of The Summit City Mailbag, and a union steward at the Hazelwood Station, Fort Wayne.


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