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August 1998
Vol. 1 No. 11 Page 3

NALC Asks Union Shop, Binding Arbitration

In Testimony Before President's Panel

Vice President James H. Rademacher and Secretary-Treasurer J. Stanly Lewis today appeared before President's special panel empowered to review Federal Employee-Management relations. NALC made the following suggestions for amendments to Executive Order 10988, the only union recognition available to organizations which represent government employees:

The Executive Order, amendments thereto, and all related negotiated agreements should be considered a "must" and must not be violated.

The creation of the "union shop" in the Postal Service since all employees of a given craft are represented either individually or collectively.

With unions paying one-half the cost of arbitration proceedings, decisions should be binding and not advisory.

The scope of negotiations should be enlarged to include all matters which are not expressly covered by legislation.

The government's Labor-Management program should be supervised by a federal service Labor-Management Relations Board which should be a subsidiary of the National Labor Relations Board. The program should no longer be under supervision of the Civil Service Commission.

The two NALC leaders discussed conditions which have existed since President John F. Kennedy issued the Executive Order in 1962. They also cited specific examples of deteriorating relationships at Ottumwa and Des Moines, Iowa; Saginaw and Dearborn, Michigan; Tampa, Florida; and many other cities. Pointing to the constant violation of Agreements, Vice President Rademacher singled out the Tampa office where the postmaster has been found to have violated the national and/or local agreement on five specific occasions.

Negligence of the Department's Board of Appeals and Review was charged by the NALC as their officers complained there are currently more than 150 appeals pending with over 70 already having been reviewed without a decision forthcoming. The B.A.R. has been under-staffed and for the past three months, consisted of only two members.

Members of the panel listening to the union complaints are Postmaster General Lawerence F. O'Brien, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, Budget Director Charles L. Schultze, Civil Service Commission Chairman John W. Macy, Jr., and White House Special Assistant Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

Source: National Association of Letter Carriers Bulletin, No. 34, October 26, 1967, James H. Rademacher, editor. Copied from Summit City Branch No. 116, Fort Wayne, IN, Emmett Bogdon President, archives.

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