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Our Past, Our Future, The Present


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NALC Asks Union Shop...
(Oct 1967)

Postal Policies Blasted...
(June 1968)

Senate Committee Hears Keating
(July 1968)

Checklist... Injured On Duty

Who Really Is Your Boss

'Must Be 4.5%'
(August 1967)


President Sombrotto stood before more than 9,000 delegates at the 61st Biennial Convention describing the past history of the NALC while looking ahead to the future. As he pointed to the theme:
"A Glorious Past - A Grand Future" he emphasized in a 45 minute speech what our brothers and sisters went through to get to this moment.

Many believe that March 17, 1970 is the single most important day of solidarity ever in the National Association of Letter Carriers when thousands of letter carriers had finally had enough and hit the bricks, they made a statement that changed the "lay of the land."

What those carriers did then can only be considered heroic today. Their efforts forced an ignorant Congress, and a more non-caring Post Office Department to get off its collective dead rear-ends and listen to what the problems were.

However, the "strike" was not an off-the-wall idea that grew out of heated discussion on the spur of the moment. It was a fire that had been burning for years prior to March 17. Next Column

In an effort to put that "fire" in perspective this issue of Contracts & Conflicts is highlighting several articles from issues of the NALC Bulletins between 1967 and 1968.

We should always be mindful of our past for it is that past that lays the groundwork of our future. Pay particular attention to some of the problems the carriers of those two years faced. Life in the post office was bad then and it remains the same today. Not much has changed, but I will let you be the judge.
-- Thom

Thom Green is a member of NALC Branch 116 - Fort Wayne, IN. He has been a letter carrier and employee of the US Postal Service for 25 years (October 16, 1972). Thom is a 25 year union member and has been a steward for 20 of those years (off and on). Thom has also been editor of The Summit City Mailbag for 9 years. For the last four years he has served as an NALC DPS Training Coordinator. Thom is also the Editor of Contracts & Conflicts.


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