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June 1998
Vol. 1 No. 9 Page 5

Information, please?

Q: Can married postal employees work in the same office?

A: Yes, a husband and wife can work in the same office. The law and postal regulations do not prohibit the employment of relatives within the same office. Postal Service regulations are not intended to deny employment or promotion opportunities to eligible and qualified relatives. Postal regulations place restrictions on selection officials whenever their relatives are considered for employment to ensure a fair and impartial assessment of the individual's qualifications.

Q: What are these restrictions?

A: When a postal manager's relative is within reach for appointment consideration to a position in an installation where that postal manager exercises any jurisdiction or control, postal regulations require that the next higher level authority must review and approve the appointment. Appointing and approving authorities must consider whether the appointment of the relative is likely to create the appearance of impropriety in the eyes of the public and other postal employees.

Q: Will there be an updated Windows version of the Decision Support Information System (DSIS)?

A: There are no plans to develop a Windows version of DSIS. Operations Systems is planning to replace DSIS with a new application that will be called the Delivery Operations Information System (DOIS). More information about the new application and the projected time frame for deployment of DOIS will be available this summer.

Source: United States Postal Service Straight Talk

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