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June 1998
Vol.1 No. 9 Page 4

Vice President of
Information Systems Resolution

Brothers & Sisters:

Whereas: There are a growing number of NALC members and branches using computers to gather, store and prepare information for the enforcement of the National contract and the support of the membership, and;

Whereas: The National Association of Letter Carriers has not fully exploited all means for communicating, informing, and disseminating information to the membership by use of the Internet and other electronic means of communication; therefore be it

Resolved: That a new executive position be created to foster and perpetuate the electronic exchange of information directly related to the wages, hours, and working conditions of the membership, for the good of this Association; and be it further

Resolved: This newly created position be known as Vice President of Information Systems (VP of IS), and is to be filled through the regular election process of this organization by an NALC member qualified and knowledgeable of all aspects of computers and software; and be it further

Resolved: The VP of IS will be tasked with the following responsibilities:

    A. To make all arbitration rulings, step 4 decisions, and MOU's available via the NALC web page.

    B. To make the Contract and all related Postal manuals and agreements available via the NALC web page.

    C. Collect information that may affect the hours, wages, and working conditions of the membership and to post / disseminate that information in its appropriate format.

    D. Create a means for users to easily locate information supplied.

    E. Create a means to secure entry into the NALC website by issue of a password to all NALC members in good standing.

    F. Create an Internet address mailing list and maintain it.

    G. Email members information directly related to postal issues.

    H. Create a means for members to post questions and have their questions answered.

    I. Ensure that all information supplied is factual.

    J. Maintain the confidentiality of personal, sensitive information.

    K. To assist local and state organizations in purchasing and setting up equipment to include the purchase of standardized software.

This resolution is being e-mailed to all known NALC members online. Please forward this resolution to all NALC members that may not receive e-mail through our typical channels. Please vote on this resolution and e-mail your responses to

We request that you include your NAME, BRANCH NUMBER, and E-MAIL ADDRESS with your reply to this resolution. It is our hope that with the support of the membership this resolution will be presented at the National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kay Hall -
Patty Cramer -
Gary Mills -
Thom Green -
Mark Nickerson -

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