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May 1998
Vol. 1 No. 8 Page 4

Geo Limited Computer Adjusting Program

by Patty Cramer

I had the opportunity of being involved in the territory transfers utilizing the Geo Limited Computer program.

Geo Limited is a glorified street program tied into a database. There are clerks who "clean-up" the street maps, prior to the actual adjustment process. If a city has seen new growth and the street program doesn't have all territory on it, it must be edited.

After the city is "redrawn" the information obtained from the DCD (hand held computer used by examiners for route inspections) is gathered, it is "plugged" into the program. The program used for the street program is "Maptitude". There were changes made from United States Postal Service Headquarters (tool bar, color coding of routes, data transfer based on sector/segments, etc.) The program was merged with Maptitude and Geo Limited was the end result.

The program is quite fascinating, as the entire city is drawn on a huge map and then the routes colored. When transfers of territory take place, you enter the route gaining and the route losing, and the program figures the data for you. (We had done all of this by hand, and the program came up with the same figures.) In order to utilize the program, management has now decided it must do a sector segment physical count of the mail. This is done on the day of inspection after all mail has been cased.

Carriers are put on Line 22 and they count each piece; letters and flats. This is supposed to get a "fairer" transfer of territory, if the territory being transferred is not similar (business for residence, etc.). We utilized the equation on a couple of instances, and one was used and one wasn't.

To prepare for the transfer of territory, you must have an idea about what will go where. I strongly suggest you go route by route and list what you want to "try". The program will make it really easy to see if it fits. I would, however caution you about lines of travel and additional time factors. At the end of the process, you can go in and edit the office and or street times. This has to be done after everything is completed.

When you decide on territory that you might want to try, you simply find the section on the map, click the mouse and walla it goes. There is a little cross hair that you click on the territory to go.

We all tried the program, and it is very interesting.

Patty Cramer is President of NALC Branch 1310 - Monterey CA. She has been an employee of the US Postal Service for 25 years (April 30, 1973). Patty served as Secretary of the California State Association of Letter Carriers for six years, served as editor the California News Reporter, Legislative Liaison, EI/QWL Facilitator for five years for the Long Beach District (Formerly Inglewood MSC), certified as an AFL-CIO Union Councelor, attended the Western Session of them George Meany Center taking News Writing and Editing for Union Publications, receipient of the Chuck Hogan Memorial Scholarship from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, receipient of the "We Love the Union Label Award" from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor - Union Label Section, served as a steward for fifteen years, am active in the plight of the United Farm Workers and other Union struggles. Her nickname is, "Miss Union Label".

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