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April 1998
Vol. 1 No. 7 Page 5

Know Your Contract:
Language Applying To Use Of Casuals

ED NOTE: This article is taken from the Spring 1996, Vol. 11, NO. 2, issue of the NALC Activist, Sue Dawson, editor. The Activist is a quarterly publication by the National Association of Letter Carriers. Recently several questions have appeared on Postal Talk and in the Sunday Night NALC Chat Room asking about the use of casuals vs. PTFs. We hope this helps. It is in three parts. This is part three.
The article, "Know limits on use of casuals," amplifies and explains the following sections, of the National Agreement:

Article 7: Employee Classifications

Section 1. Definition and Use

B. Supplemental Work Force

1. The supplemental work force shall be comprised of casual employees. Casual employees are those who may be utilized as a limited term supplemental work force, but may not be employed in lieu of full or part-time employees.

2. During the course of a service week, the Employer will make every effort to insure that qualified and available pan-time flexible employees are utilized at the straight-time rate prior to assigning such work to casuals.

3. The number of casuals who may be employed in any period, other than December, shall not exceed 3 and percent of the total number of employee, in the letter carrier craft covered by this Agreement.

4. Casuals are limited to two (2) ninety (90) day terms of casual employment in a calendar year. In addition to such employment, casuals may be reemployed during the Christmas period for not more than twenty-one (21) days . . .

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