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February 1998
Vol.1 No. 5 Page 6

Holding Management Accountable

by Gary Mills
Greetings, Brothers and Sisters of the Satchel. Take a few minutes to think about how the NALC relates to your career. To fully appreciate that premise you first have to imagine the quality of your work life if the NALC was not standing between you and today's bonus driven bosses. There are many, many aspects of the NALC that makes all Letter Carrier's work lives better than if left to the discretion of USPS management. In my not so humble opinion one of the greatest benefits of all is the Grievance-Arbitration procedure.

Article 3 of the National Agreement gives management (in their eyes) the right to do whatever the hell they want without any regard for the facts. The Grievance-Arbitration procedure is our answer to this mis-management dilemma. Article 15 holds management accountable for their abuses of power and their mistreatment of Letter Carriers. I sometimes wonder if we fully realize the importance of this contractual benefit provided to us from our Union's collective bargaining process. Next Column

The old adage comes to mind about hard economic times. If your neighbor is out of work, it is a Recession. If you're out of work, it's a Depression. It seems that some employees think like that about discipline in today's postal service. The truth of the matter is, "an injury to one is an injury to all." Regardless of your view about discipline, when you find yourself facing unjust and unfair discipline charges you will discover the value of the Grievance-Arbitration procedure. Disputes are inevitable; their resolutions are not. More and more we find ourselves going all the way to an Arbitrator for vindication from today's abusive postal management.

Gary Mills is the Steward in Rolla, MO for NALC Branch 343, an Associate Office merged with St. Louis, MO. Gary has been with the post office for 25 years, serving as NALC Steward for the past 7 of those years.


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