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December 1997
Vol.1 No. 3 Page 9

"NALC Directory"
by Pete Marutiak

Brothers & Sisters:

The following is a copy of a proposal for consideration at the NALC 1998 National Convention (Las Vegas, NV, 7/98). I am trying to get as many co-sponsors as I can find. If you are in favor of this resolution, please present it to your Branch. Resolutions to the national must come from a Branch & not an individual member. If your Branch should vote in favor of this proposal, please have your Branch President & Secretary sign two (2) copies and send them to;

c/o W. Yates, Secretary/Treasurer
100 Indiana Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

I would ask that your Branch also mention that this is in support of the original motion as made by Branch 504. Thanks for your consideration.

Yours in solidarity,
Pete Marutiak, Secretary, NALC Branch 504
E-"mail" to

Resolution for Consideration By Delegates at the 1998 NALC National Convention

Whereas: Links between NALC branches across America are becoming ever more important to the labor movement as well as to individual members,

Be It Resolved: That the headquarters of the NALC shall, on a biennial basis, publish a directory of interested NALC branches. This directory shall include all pertinent information as submitted by those branches. It shall include; branch name & number, address, phone number(s), and an E "mail" address (if provided). Should a branch request the listing of an officer's name, that name & title shall be printed as well. ONLY THOSE BRANCHES RESPONDING TO A CALL FOR INFORMATION SHALL BE INCLUDED. One copy of said directory shall be sent gratis to each branch responding to the call. Copies will also be made available (at cost) to all interested members.

As submitted by NALC, Branch ___________

As approved during the general membership meeting of ____________________

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