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November 1997
Vol. 1 No. 2 Page 10

by Gary Mills

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters of the Satchel. Do you have expectations? If so, what do they mean to you? Everyone has them and generally speaking, expectations are a good thing. That is, until we bring our expectations through the back door of the post office.

Have you noticed how quickly your expectations turn to disappointments when they are applied to postal management? You are not alone with those feelings. Those feelings of disappointment are pervasive throughout today's postal service. This is unfortunate considering that it does not have to be this way.

However, this is not a one way street. Management has expectations of us and we disappoint them as well. You may say, "How is that possible? We don't make the rules. We don't make the daily decisions. We don't have a say in how we perform our jobs." All of that is true, but we disappoint management when we don't follow their rules. Remember this is a two way street.

If we perform our jobs in a safe and professional manner (read follow their rules and regulations here) then we are fulfilling their expectations of us and thereby reducing some of management's disappointment with us. Next Column

Is there a solution for this problem? In my opinion, a step in the right direction toward solving this problem would be for all of us to follow all of the postal service rules and abide by the National Agreement. If we take this first step by showing respect for management's rules then we can reasonably expect management to meet some of our expectations. Right?

Who knows where it will go from there? Respect begets respect among reasonable persons. Think about some of the people you respect. Why do you have respect for that person? In part, because they treat you with respect. If we continue to disappoint management by not following their rules then our expectations will continue to be disappointments as well.

Until next time, thanks for allowing me this time. Be safe & be professional.

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Gary Mills is the Steward in Rolla, MO for NALC Branch 343, an Associate Office merged with St. Louis, MO. Gary has been with the post office for 25 years, serving as NALC Steward for the past 7 of those years.

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