FF Systems y2k Information Page

FF Systems has only one product with any y2k impact. The FF-800 Repeater Controller utilizes a battery backed real time clock to maintain time and date information. Since only the two digit year is supported on versions prior to 3.0, the product is not y2k compliant. However, this is not an operational issue as the year information is not utilized in any calculations. Thus, the y2k transition will not (and to our knowledge, did not) result in any disruptions to the FF-800 or its associated systems.

For software versions after V3.0, the full four digit year is supported and is used to calculate the day of week. The century data (the upper two digits of the year) is supported by software as a static value and is therefore not automatically updated. Thus, user intervention is required when transitioning from the year 2099 to the year 2100.