What's new at FF Systems

Updated 12/21/2013

New Projects

Moved the Projects link to a side panel button ("New Projects").

ICOM UX/901 Interface

Over the last year, I've upgraded the FF-8900 (FC-900/ICOM-UX interface) to add support for 200 additional memories, UX-129 support (untested) and some other embellishments.

Currently in the last phases of upgrading the FF-8090 (IC-901 Interface) software to roll-in many of the enhancements from the FF-8900 upgrade. This is expected to be available January or February 2014.

The Doug Hall to ICOM-UX interface has been deployed to a Link-Comm installation. Allows any controller that supports the Doug Hall interface to control an ICOM UX stack. This hasn't been productized yet, waiting to see if any demand materializes...

HAMFEST report

I've pretty much given up on these. I'm lucky to get to Belton, TX once a year as an observer.

News & New Products

Vaporware Report

FF-800 Firmware Upgrade

V3.10 is now avaliable. Go to the V3.xx FTP page for details on the features and bug fixes that are available now.
FF-800 V3.11 is still languishing... I work on it occasionally, but there are no sqeeky wheels to drive me...

FFlash Firmware Upgrade

An upgrade patch is now available for the FFlash system. FFlash users can now download this enhancement pachage to their FFlash system.

The listserver is on-line!

With the help of Sam Nabkey, we now have a listserver to handle inqiries, questions, or other issues regarding our products. To subscribe, send e-mail to listserv@k8sn.org (no subject) and place the following in the body of the message:

subscribe ffsystems

Be sure to turn off your signature line as this will disrupt the majordomo system.

You will receive a welcome message with the listserver guidelines and instructions. This list has very little traffic, so don't worry that you will be deluged...

Photo Gallery

(see what happens when matter and antimatter mix...)

When I'm not busy writing the vapor ware report, I get to play in the snow...