Orion Software

The Orion software source is available to anyone who purchases an Orion synthesizer kit.
Simply send me an e-mail and I will provide the build file. In most instances,
This will be a ".zip" archive that has been renamed with a ".txt" extension.
This is because many e-mail hosts now restrict anything that looks like a SW
component, even if it is in a .zip archive. To access the archive, simply
rename the "*.txt" file to "*.zip", where the "*" is the original prefix
of the filename. It should then un-zip normally.

Orion Object Code

The SiLabs programming instructions describe where to find the software
and programming adapter for the SiLabs microcontroller used on the Orion-I.

NOTE: The object code for the PLL and beacon applications have
been merged into a single .zip archive. Also, there are versions
of each for revision A/B boards as well as revision C boards. The
filenames clearly identify which file goes with which board revision.

The object file for the PLL application is the standard
software that shipped with the Orion boards.

The object file for the Beacon application turns the Orion
into an exciter and Morse code keyer (OOK) for any
application that requires a continuously looping Morse
code message (e.g., a beacon or a fox-hunt transmitter)