Orion-I Microwave PLL Support Page

Orion-I, revC

This page provides support information for the Orion-I PLL Synthesizer Project:

35-4400 MHz, +15 dBm, P/N better than -95 dBc/Hz (Fc = 500 MHz, Measured at Fc+10KHz).

The Orion-I PLL is based on the Analog Devices ADF-4351 PLL with integrated VCO. This device has a number of control options that are accessed via an SPI serial interface. While very flexible, it requires some research on the part of the user to fully exploit all of the features. The information presented herein is intended to provide basic support for frequency and output level selection.

While software skills and tools are not required, the Software link below provides instructions to obtain the source code for this project. Links to the tools needed to compile and program the 8051 microcontroller used to control the PLL chip are provided below.

Orion Availability*

I have just a few blank PCBs left. Fully assembled rev C boards are
available while supplies last. E-mail for price and availability.

New On-Board References*

I've come across a new SMD reference oscillator that offers 2.5ppm
stability over temperature. This TCXO is not an exact footprint match
for the PCB, but it is close enough to work without issues when hand
soldered. The Abracon part# is ASTX-H11-10.000MHZ-T and is available
from mouser.com (among others) for less than $4. For a modest fee, I
can swap out an existing oscillator. E-mail me for details.

2016 Austin Summerfest Presentation Info

(Yet Another) Universal Phase Locked Loop

Gives an overview and history of the Orion-I design.

Design and Build Info


Software Source/Object Code*

(Updated 08-11-2018)

SiLabs compiler downloads can be found at http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/Pages/8-bit-microcontroller-software.aspx
Follow SiLabs instructions to download and install Keil compiler, ConfigWizard, and debug adapter drivers.
USB debug adapter part number: DEBUGADPTR1-USB (about $35, availabile from Mouser and DigiKey).

Manuals and Workbooks

Orion revision history

Orion Assembly and Operation Manual*

Channel Programming Spreadsheet, V1.3 (Microsoft Excel, 2013 or later)

Operating Manual for the Morse ID Beacon software*

Beacon Message Programming Spreadsheet, V1.1* (Microsoft Excel, 2013 or later)

Orion-I, Rev C Project Results Slideshow (7/1/17)

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Orion-I Previous Revision Info

Orion-I, revB

Orion-I, revA

Legacy Operating Manual