FF Systems Price List

FF Systems is no logner engaged in manufacturing these items. Some items are available on a limited basis. Pricing and availability are based on material cost and availability. e-mail if you have any interest in any item listed here.

Only pre-paid orders accepted, no refunds.

Price Schedule

FF-800 Repeater Controller with FFlash (standard)    $call
FF-8010 display only    $call
FF-180b Basic Chassis $call
FF-CAD audio delay module (max delay = 1 sec)    $call
FFlash upgrade option for FF-800 (PCB rev F or higher)    $call
FFlash upgrade option for FF-800 (PCB rev E)    $call
FF-Remote option for FF-800    $call
FF-Tone CTCSS encode/decode module    $call
FF-Tone mini-DIN adapter    $call
APO Cancel Module FF-800 retrofit adapter    $call

FF-8070 Digital Voice Recorder $call
FF-1000 1 mega-bit DRAMs (each)    $call
FF-8090 IC-901 interface controller    $call
FF-8900 FC-900 interface controller    $call
FF-899 HF radio interface controller    $call
FF-899 Chassis    $call
FF-8070A Digital Voice Recorder (ACC Compatible)    $call
FF-0.8 remote DTMF control module    $call
FF-0.8 remote DTMF control module with RS-232 output option    $call

Prices do not include shipping or sales tax (if applicable).
Payment terms are paypal (pre-paid) or pre-paid check.
Prices subject to change without notice.