FF Systems Listserver Guidelines

FF Systems Listserver Guidelines

The FF Systems Listserver (ffsystems@k8sn.org) is provided as a service to our customers and other interested parties for the purpose of disseminating information about the products and services of FF Systems. For all individuals using this service, we ask that the following be observed:

To subscribe or unsubscribe, do the following:

Send a message to listserv@k8sn.org (or majordomo)

No subject -- In the BODY of the message enter:

subscribe ffsystems

-- OR --

unsubscribe ffsystems

Be sure to turn OFF your signature line so that no other text appears in the body of the message.


At times, you may want to reply to the actual sender. Most email programs will let you change the "reply-to address" to the individual instead of the mailing list. You should check your Email program documentation for information on the options you have available.

There are times when others would like to write you about your post to the list. For this reason you should ALWAYS sign your email with a line at the bottom with your name and email address. This helps someone write back to you personally instead of the entire list. The accepted practice is to have a signature line no more that 4 or so lines in length. An example of a simple signature file:

Joe Haas, ke0ff
joeh@rollanet.org		(e-mail)
http://www.rollanet.org/~joeh	(web)

The sysadmins of k8sn.org reserve the right to remove any user from this listserver for any reason, and their judgement is final.